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kenn3d's Journal
kenn3d's Journal
February 25, 2016


This is Sanders’ only scheduled stop in Oklahoma. Doors opened at 4 p.m. and he’s scheduled to start speaking at 7:00 Wednesday night. 10,000 RSVPs


February 24, 2016

A New Snapchat Poll Is Great News for Bernie Sanders.

A New Snapchat Poll Is Great News for Bernie Sanders.

The survey showed that an astounding 87% of young people are likely to vote in the upcoming Presidential election, and 31% named Bernie Sanders as the candidate that they respect the most. Bernie’s numbers are almost triple that of Hillary’s (11%) and are higher than every Republican candidate’s scores combined. He also scored higher than sitting president Barack Obama (18%).

read more here:

I've wondered about the demographic breakdown here at GD-P... I don't see a lot of references to Snapchat (or even Twitter), and I know from reading a lot of high# posts that many in this community have been around for awhile.
Anyway, I suspect there might be some doubts about the significance of this "poll" and/or this article... but I'd love to get your reactions. Pro and Con.

February 24, 2016

Latest Reuters Rolly Poll

Not sure what prompted me to check this rolling Reuter Poll today... I've been told many times to ignore it as useless.

That says Sanders +6 nationally.

Go crazy folks.

February 16, 2016

John Lewis Softens His Stance on Bernie Sanders - EBONY.com

This article is brief to the point of being rather vacuous. But I found the following reader comments quite more edifying:
Adam01time • 15 hours ago
John Lewis Started out a young man working for the people. He is now part of the rich black elite in Georgia.
He is so far out of touch with the people he would not know what to do if he had to do a grass roots election.
That's what big money does to the people we hire. They speak for someone before they do the home work.

CCFan • 14 hours ago
Too late. I have lost respect for John Lewis. He did try to disparage Bernie.

Noble Savage • 11 hours ago
Having a respected historic significance can be totally diminished by your current behavior. John Lewis flip flopped in his initial endorsement of Hilary when she ran against Barrack. He only endorsed Barrack because he realized Barrack was destined to win. His character was compromised then. His tears of joy when Barrack won weren't real. And now he and the rest of the sorry black establishment are selling out their community by blindly endorsing Hillary again (because she's expected to win) but they (and the liberal media) are living in a Hillary subsidized campaign finance vacuum. Hillary will lose because the black vote is fractured (young and conscientious vs. old and static). I will enjoy all of those sell outs crawling back to Bernie. No love John Lewis. What happened to you John, you used to be beautiful.

February 16, 2016

The line to see Bernie Sanders speak at the EMU Convocation Center - Unbelievable!

The line to see Bernie Sanders speak at the EMU Convocation Center in Ypsilanti, Michigan took 2.5 minutes to drive by.
February 9, 2016

Dixville Notch, NH #FITN

There are 9 registered voters in #DixvilleNotch NH.
5 voted Republican.
@BernieSanders got the other 4.

#NHPrimary #GOTV

February 6, 2016

Top search queries during and after debate


Top Queries

1. How old is Hillary Clinton?
2. Who can beat Hillary?
3. Where is Hillary Clinton today?
4. Will Hillary win?
5. How much is Hillary Clinton worth?

1. Where will Bernie Sanders be speaking?
2. Why Bernie Sanders?
3. Who would be Bernie Sanders' VP?
4. How to donate to Bernie Sanders
5. Where can I see Bernie Sanders in NH?

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