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Member since: Wed Jul 22, 2015, 02:21 PM
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Just me.

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Long ago and far away when I was an undergraduate

we were calling our c1969 campus strike. I was among the organizers. At the big rally, I turned around to see one of my fellow women's res inmates raising her arm voting yea to the motion. Jeanette, I said, gazing at her green eyeshadow and tidy hair. What are you doing??

I've had enough of this shit, she said.

I was never sure quite which shit she'd had enough of, as I think that's probably the case for a lot of unlikely suspects voting Democrat today. But she'd had enough and that was good enough for me.

Good for Jill's mother!
Posted by MsJaneFuzzyWuzzy | Tue Nov 3, 2020, 07:37 PM (0 replies)

As everyone holds their breath and bites their nails

perhaps the advice of one of Canada's most brilliant political cartoonists (on the occasion of the Parti Québécois victory in 1976) would be of help

... while waiting, for however long it takes, and no matter what the outcome!

(MsJFW, choosing Biden since 1991)

Posted by MsJaneFuzzyWuzzy | Tue Nov 3, 2020, 07:31 PM (2 replies)
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