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Hometown: gulfcoast
Home country: US
Current location: Florida
Member since: Tue Dec 1, 2015, 08:00 PM
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I had an encouraging conversation in a bar

A couple of time a week I get together with 3-5 other guys to drink different beers. How we met is an interesting anecdote but not relevant. I find the group attractive because we are from very different walks of life...a professional manager(me), a heavy equipment mechanic, a retired computer guy, a chronically underemployed guy who cannot wait till he can get on Medicare, one who sells brewery components. You get the idea.

And we never talk politics. Just beer and bullshit.

Last Friday, 3 of us were talking and the guy waiting for Medicare(he is 62) commented that his health care is from the ACA(he called it Obamacare) and that he is worried he may lose it. I kept my mouth shut but he computer guy asked if he voted for Trump to which he said no, he did not vote because both parties are the same. I that point I asked him why he did not vote for the Democratic Party if he was dependent on the ACA. And here it came...because Democrats are too Liberal.

At that point the beers got to me and I asked him what program the Democratic Party supported that was too liberal. I mentioned the ACA, Medicare, Social Security, Marriage equality, Abortion rights, Civil rights, etc. He agreed with all of them. He then said that he has been hearing for years how liberal the Democrats were but he had never really thought about it. He admitted that maybe he should be a democrat.

But that was not the best part of the conversation! The computer guy, who is from Canada commented that he was a huge Trump fan and he and his wife had voted for him even thought their grown kids about disowned them. I was floored. After all, he is from Canada!

What he said next is why I am writing this. He said it was the worse vote he has ever made and that Trump and the Republican are truly crazy and we will be luck not to get into a war. And that he could not wait until he can undo that vote. He is a buddy so I did not shoot back that he cannot undo the vote because that would have been rude. But I thought it.

I know this is a long post, and I very seldom do OPs, but I found this conversation very encouraging. We always say that the Trumpers will not change and I agree most will not. But some are. And we do not need them all.

Have a great evening
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