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GulfCoast66's Journal
GulfCoast66's Journal
July 20, 2018

Big day in my household today!! Duck Confit!

I have 14 duck quarters curing in the fridge. And a gallon of duck fat.

Making my yearly batch of Duck Confit!!

One of the top 5 foods in the world!!

Have a nice weekends.

July 13, 2018

Political Correctness is not Political but driven by Adam's 'Invisible Hand of the Free Market'

Top of the list of most Trump fans is their hatred of Political Correctness(PC)

And they all believed that once Trump was elected they could once again revel in their open racism, misogyny, anti-homosexual, anti-anything but Fascist-Christian rhetoric.

What they were too stupid to realize was that the government does not weigh in on speech and was not the driving force in Political Correctness. You can say whatever racist screed you want and the local sheriff will not come beating down your door.

Your employer? That is another story. As this country becomes more diverse, no business can accept allow openly racist working for them. We see news story after story where some newly empowered racist sets upon someone they hate, it is filmed on a phone and they lose their job. Be it Starbucks, Pools, Restaurants, theaters or even on the street. If a person goes off as a total bigot and are identified you will lose your job.

This in my mind is the most powerful social tool that decent people have to fight against the resurgence of bigotry. Film the Motherfuckers. Post it everywhere.

The only reason my ancestor gave up slaves is because they lost a war and hundreds of thousands of men. The only reason my ancestors allowed African American to vote was the threat of Federal Action.

What we have is just as powerful. Show yourself as a total racist prick in public...lose you job.

Even if the Republicans continue to hold political power, business will still respond to public indignation.

July 10, 2018

The most encouraging thing I have seen in months. Voter registration in Florida!

I bet I have not started 10 discussion since being here but today I saw something y’all need to know about. We took some books to donate to the local library which is shared with the local community college. Although a public library it feels more like a college library and is a somewhat affluent area.

At the entrance of the library there were three young gentleman and I would guess were students, two of them African-American. They were registering voters.

I grew up in the south and I am over 50 years old. I have never seen anyone under 40 trying to register voters. I engage them in a brief conversation and left totally energized. As expected they were not wearing partisans clothing, just voter registration shirts. They told me they Had been doing this for several weeks and had registered a couple of hundred voters.

I could not help myself, on the way out I made a quick comment, “blue wave coming”. I got 3 big smiles in response.

Those three smiles meant more to me than anything I have a read on DU in the last 18 months.

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