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speaktruthtopower's Journal
speaktruthtopower's Journal
August 4, 2016

Happy Birthday President Obama

who knows what goes on behind the scenes, but I think when all is said and done he'll be considered the best communicator ever to hold the office.

Not bad for a community organizer.

July 30, 2016

It takes a Village

Why isn't the campaign touting her early work with children?

July 22, 2016

At the Risk of Sounding Like a Conspiracy Theorist....

does the timing of the spate of police and other shootings in the middle of Trump's "law and order" campaign seem suspicious?

July 13, 2016

The Debates Will Decide This Election

More than any other in history.

You heard it here first.

June 30, 2016

Rasmussen Poll Shows Trump Lead


What's the point of these polls if they're all over the place? It's not like Trump has had a good week.

Polling must be tough with all the millennials with cell phones and most other people screening calls with answering machines.
June 2, 2016

Hillary Clinton Warns Donald Trumpís ĎThin Skiní Would Set Off War or Economic Crisis


Fair or not, this is effective strategy, tapping into swing voters' fears about Trump. Like the atom bomb commercial in 1964.

She's apparently getting better advice than she has been.
May 23, 2016

When is the next primary?


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