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LAS14's Journal
LAS14's Journal
November 7, 2019

This warrants the attention that was mistakenly given to the KY governorship.


Democrats seized control of suburban Philadelphia’s Delaware County Council for the first time in history, knocking out what was once one of the most powerful GOP machines in the nation.

With Bevin being the 2nd most despised governor in the nation, and with only two previous GOP governors in decades, it's not such a big deal that Beshear won. But the PA turnover is a really big deal.
November 6, 2019

Am I misreading something, or is the VA House of Delegates the really...

.. big story of the night? It went from Republican control to 53 Dem to 43 Repub. Isn't that something?????

November 5, 2019

Do they still teach the difference between simile and metaphor? I ask because...

... it has dawned on me that the only reason to teach such a thing outside of an advanced class in the technical analysis of writing is to give people something to prove that they're a member of the educated class. If you were taught this (and it is often referenced as an example of erudition), and are not some sort of writer or teacher of English, has it ever been of use to you?

I realize that my knowing the difference has given me a secret sense of superiority.

I hope it's been removed from the curriculum.

But I'm not happy about dropping cursive writing!

November 4, 2019

Why I think Warren will continue to rise in people's estimation.

Mainly, I see myself as evidence. I've watched my own opinion of her wax and wane, and the reasons are articulated by smart pundits a week or so after my opinion changed. I'm on a definite high about Warren, and I'm expecting her to gether more followers in more states once Iowa and NH and SC are over and she can get herself known.

I started out as a 75 year old who was "passionate about the golden mean." A friend and I were typically the most centrist in our left leaning crowd. He was the one who invented the term.

When Warren appeared on the political scene I didn't pay a lot of attention. I live in Massachusetts and she was the Democratic candidate. Of course I'd vote for her. I didn't have to follow her positions.

When she announced for President I didn't even consider her, no more than I would have considered Sanders. My first choice in this forum was Buttigieg. Then, when Biden announced, I switched to him for "electability" reasons.

But, of course, I began to actually hear what she had to say. I'm not sure exactly why she was so much more palatable than Sanders, but she was. And then it hit me. Climate change! We simply didn't have time for a middle of the road approach. We had to go for broke. We either made "big changes" quick or we'd be too late. So I switched to Warren. I was enthusiastic for her because her clear-headed enthusiasm was contagious. I love the way she dashes out on the stage, and hangs around for selfies, and doesn't waver from her well thought out positions.

But then, in the second debate, when they were asked for a show of hands for eliminating private insurance I was shocked that she (enthusiastically) raised her hand. I watched in dismay as opponents and supporters alike began to say this was suicidal. I wondered what she would do! Would she recant? Just never revisit it? Same for "no middle class taxes." On that one I half thought she should be admired for not giving the RW a sound bite, but... I never abandoned her, but I was waiting to see.

AND THEN SHE GAVE ME SOMETHING TO LOOK AT! No way am I ever going to understand it. But if Nobel laureate Paul Krugman says it works out, then I'm happy to once again be unambiguously for Warren.

I can't be the only life-long champion of the golden mean who is turning a new leaf! Let's watch and see what happens when she begins spending more time in those swing states.

November 3, 2019

Win or lose, I'm TOTALLY GLAD that Warren is in the race.

Sanders did the initial ground breaking, but Warren has made "big change" a real threat. The pundits are talking and the big corporations are scared. The public is getting educated to the idea that "big change" is possible, and absolutely necessary. Maybe Warren won't win this time, and if she does, maybe (probably) she won't get big change through congress. But the next time or the next time it will be something people are used to, and demanding.

THANKS, Elizabeth!!!!!!!

November 2, 2019

I'm going to delete my Facebook account.

This is what I posted on Facebook today. I'll do the delete in a week. Unless you're dependent on Facebook for getting pictures of your grandchildren, or keeping up with valued friends and family, I encourage you to do the same.

I’m inspired by SereneBabe*, but in my case it’s with the aim of adding to the pressure on Mark Zuckerberg to follow Twitter’s excellent example and not accept political advertising. That would easily solve the problem of whether or not an ad is a lie.

Since I only visit Facebook once or twice a month, and almost never post, this won’t be a big sacrifice. But it will be one more data point in the #DeleteFacebook wave of people who say ENOUGH!

November 2, 2019

Would it be legal to pass a law prohibiting "social media" from...

.... accepting political ads? If 'yes,' would it be a good idea? Sounds great to me.


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