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Member since: Mon Mar 14, 2016, 10:56 PM
Number of posts: 2,353

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Why Hillary Clinton’s Camp Should Be Scared


The Democratic Party machine, along with the Clinton campaign wants voters to believe the nomination is a sure thing, and while it may be all but clinched barring a miracle for the Sanders campaign. Mathematically speaking it’s pretty locked in for Clinton. The obstacles Bernie Sanders must overcome to secure the nomination are seemingly insurmountable, needing to win nearly 80 percent of the remaining delegates and then convincing Super Delegates to swap from the party elite to his revolutionary comparing.

Yet, with all air of confidence coming from the Clinton camp, they have descended upon a strange campaign strategy; convince voters that the Sanders campaign and supporters are inseparable from the Trump campaign.

With such confidence that the race is secured, why is so much effort being used to discredit Sanders and vilify his supporters? With a Fox News poll being released on Wednesday afternoon showing Trump leading Clinton by 3 points nationwide, one would think Clinton would be pandering to the Sanders base for the much-needed votes she needs to win. Clinton’s campaign has released a few ads attacking Trump but still seems to be heavily focused on a candidate they want voters to believe has already lost.

The reality, however, is much different and it seems Clinton is fine with disenfranchising the Sanders voters. This strategy seems to have two possible uses. First, the Clinton campaign is so confident in their victory they don’t believe they need Sanders supports, or secondly, they are less confident than they appear and need to push a good number of Sanders voters into the Green Party or ignite a large enough Bernie Sanders write-in campaign that they create a needed scapegoat for when Trump wins the national election.

The truth is, Clinton’s camp should be scared. They are polling poorly nationally, even in polls they are winning they are still within the margin of error. Clinton is also while still maintaining a strong lead, losing primary after primary. This shows her campaign, even when being touted as the nominee by every media outlet known to man, cannot carry the states she will need to win the general.

I welcome their bleating of Nader 2.0 come November. It has already been pushed a bit around here by some of the Hillary supporters living in their bubbles.
Posted by GeorgiaPeanuts | Fri May 20, 2016, 12:21 PM (12 replies)

Thousands have left California's American Independent Party in the last month


analysis finds nearly 32,000 voters in California's American Independent Party changed their official registration and left the party in the two weeks after a Los Angeles Times investigation identified widespread confusion among the party's members.

Using voter data from each of California's 58 counties, Mitchell found that 31,772 AIP voters left the party in the two weeks prior to May 1. The first story was published in The Times on April 17

The exodus equates to about 6.7% of the AIP's total registration as of mid-April.

Mitchell, who has led an informal but vocal campaign for several years warning voters to not confuse being "independent" with joining the American Independent Party, said it's unusual to see such a large number of voters revising their official status.

"A voter changing registration is extremely rare," he said. "Seeing this, in a very short period of time, it's a really big and significant number."

Storm's a brewin' No wonder the establishment has been throwing a temper tantrum of late.
Posted by GeorgiaPeanuts | Fri May 20, 2016, 11:33 AM (23 replies)

Clinton fury with Sanders grows


Behind the scenes, however, they are seething that statements by the Vermont senator are just making matters worse by further alienating his supporters from Clinton, the front-runner for the party's presidential nomination.

The continued combat on the left is also complicating Clinton’s efforts to fully turn her attention to presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump, who is reveling in the Democratic feuding.

“This is the worst-case scenario and the one people feared the most,” said one Clinton ally and former Clinton aide.

We welcome their hatred. Buckle up Clinton supporters this ain't over yet.
Posted by GeorgiaPeanuts | Fri May 20, 2016, 11:09 AM (283 replies)

Bernie isn't hurting Clinton, and he isn't fracturing the party...

Bernie is just exposing Clinton for who she really is, he isn't forcing rational progressives to be repulsed by what they find. We do that based on the what we see of Clinton; her lies; her corporate lapdog/whore ways.

Similarly, Bernie didn't take a chisel and force a fracture in the party. He just lifted up the rug and exposed the fault line that has been simmering ever since Turd Way Democratic Values have infected the party that courts "progressives" in its base.
Posted by GeorgiaPeanuts | Fri May 20, 2016, 09:06 AM (12 replies)

Current Democratic Primary Exit Polling Visualized


Really awesome visualization of all the data from exit polling thus far in this Primary season.

I was surprised Hillary only got 3% of her support from the two youngest groups each.
Also surprised Sanders has gotten a lot of support from older people contrary to the myth that Sanders is a bunch of young Berniebros.
Posted by GeorgiaPeanuts | Fri May 20, 2016, 01:25 AM (3 replies)

Philly Approves Four Massive Pro-Bernie Sanders Rallies During DNC Convention


Four pro-Bernie Sanders rallies, with estimated attendance of 38,000 activists, have been approved for public demonstrations during the Democratic National Convention in July, the city said Thursday.
The four rallies, given permits Wednesday night, bring the total to five for approved rallies and marches during what is expected to be a bustling week of political activity in Center City and South Philadelphia. The convention officially runs July 25-28, but two of the five approved rallies and marches of more than 7,000 activists will be held July 24 -- the day more than 4,000 delegates arrive from across the country.

The rally has been approved for five straight days, starting July 24 and ending July 28. The permit from the city also allows activists to gather each day from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. The “public assemblage,” as the city technically describes demonstrations, could evolve from rally into protest depending on what happens during delegate voting inside the convention.

Posted by GeorgiaPeanuts | Fri May 20, 2016, 01:14 AM (18 replies)

Why Is The Establishment Smearing Bernie Sanders More Than Ever?

Posted by GeorgiaPeanuts | Fri May 20, 2016, 12:00 AM (13 replies)

Jimmy Dore on "DNC Boss Viciously Attacks Bernie By Saying He's Like Trump"

Jimmy Dore speaking some real truth! Preach!
Posted by GeorgiaPeanuts | Thu May 19, 2016, 11:28 PM (1 replies)

Clinton to Californians: Your Votes Will Not Affect the Democratic Primary Whatsoever


You heard her Clinton supporters in California... She is the nominee no reason to get off your butts and mail in your vote or go to the polling places and vote.
Posted by GeorgiaPeanuts | Thu May 19, 2016, 11:13 PM (71 replies)

Don Lemon shows video of people booing and yelling as evidence of "violence". Nina Turner debunks it

Love me some Nina Turnt-her! - "I was in the room Don"
Posted by GeorgiaPeanuts | Thu May 19, 2016, 11:10 PM (0 replies)
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