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30 years of speeches from Bernie Sanders. The same message, the same agenda, a leader

For the people


Why I'm for Bernie Sanders Huff. Post

“When fear becomes collective, when anger becomes collective, it’s extremely dangerous. It is overwhelming... The mass media and the military-industrial complex create a prison for us, so we continue to think, see, and act in the same way... We need the courage to express ourselves even when the majority is going in the opposite direction... because a change of direction can happen only when there is a collective awakening... Therefore, it is very important to say, ‘I am here!’ to those who share the same kind of insight.“ - Thich Nhat Hanh, Buddhist Monk, The Art of Power.

I’ve been in deep despair these last few months about our political landscape. This quote from Thich Nhat Hanh recently elevated my spirit, and I share it with you. Because I am — we are — still here! Though it’s clear that the die is cast and that Clinton will win — that is, if you believe in numbers and materialism, but I don’t, not completely.

I enclose here (below) several recent articles, which you need to read to understand how difficult a situation we’ll be in if we continue with a harder-line version of Obama. Hillary Clinton has effectively closed the door on peace, blasting both the Palestinian peace process and the Russians in the same week. NATO is her god, the best thing the “exceptional” US has to export in this new “American Century.”

But who set this policy and who controls this country? Her point of view is steeped in the traditional post-World War II, Atlanticist, NATO-domination of the universe. It’s set in stone. No president it seems, no democratic vote, no dissenting media can alter this. We’re going to be in border, resource, and forever wars for the next 10, 20, 100 years, until Trump (who our shadow government will never allow to exercise power) actually said in his straight way of talking, “our cities go bust.” Our media has been drained and made callous by war, increasingly sensationalized by TV, looking for the next high in the next headline, the more outrageous the better. Modesty in American politics is dead — it’s better to be sensational.

Ironically, as they call Trump unelectable (which he is), it leaves you to think Clinton is the “new normal,” in which case you’ve been deceived by the unnecessary dichotomy that Clinton is actually “respectable” in the same way that Eisenhower/Dulles 1950s were respectable when we went about intervening and overthrowing governments in many countries. But the difference was they at least had the brains not to get into shooting wars. To suggest that NATO should’ve expired in 1991 when the Soviet Union disintegrated, I suppose, isn’t questionable anymore. NATO, which has expanded to 13 countries since 1991, must be supported and Clinton has been brainwashed by the neoconservatives to believe it’s about “Russian aggression” when it’s the United States that’s ensuring the greatest build-up on the European borders of Russia since Hitler did it in World War II.

We’re going to war — either hybrid in nature to break the Russian state back to its 1990s subordination, or a hot war (which will destroy our country). Our citizens should know this, but they don’t because our media is dumbed down in its “Pravda”-like support for our “respectable,” highly aggressive government. We are being led, as C. Wright Mills said in the 1950s, by a government full of “crackpot realists: in the name of realism they’ve constructed a paranoid reality all their own.” Our media has credited Hillary Clinton with wonderful foreign policy experience, unlike Trump, without really noting the results of her power-mongering. She’s comparable to Bill Clinton’s choice of Cold War crackpot Madeleine Albright as one of the worst Secretary of States we’ve had since ... Condi Rice? Albright boasted, “If we have to use force it is because we are America; we are the indispensable nation. We stand tall and we see further than other countries into the future.”

Hillary’s record includes supporting the barbaric “contras” against the Nicaraguan people in the 1980s, supporting the NATO bombing of the former Yugoslavia, supporting the ongoing Bush-Iraq War, the ongoing Afghan mess, and as Secretary of State the destruction of the secular state of Libya, the military coup in Honduras, and the present attempt at “regime change” in Syria. Every one of these situations has resulted in more extremism, more chaos in the world, and more danger to our country. Next will be the borders of Russia, China, and Iran. Look at the viciousness of her recent AIPAC speech (don’t say you haven’t been warned). Can we really bear to watch as Clinton “takes our alliance [with Israel] to the next level”? Where is our sense of proportion? Cannot the media, at the least, call her out on this extremism? The problem, I think, is this political miasma of “correctness” that dominates American thinking (i.e. Trump is extreme, therefore Hillary is not).

This is why I’m praying still for Bernie Sanders, because he’s the only one willing, at least in the name of fiscal sanity, to cut back on our foreign interventions, bring the troops home, and with these trillions of dollars no longer wasted on malice, try to protect the “homeland” by actually rebuilding it and putting money into its people, schools, and infrastructure.

Albert Camus, talking about the doomed Spanish Civil War in the 1930s wrote, “Men of my generation have had Spain in our hearts. It was there that they learned ... that one can be right and yet be beaten, that force can vanquish spirit, and that there are times when courage is not rewarded.” It’s true the light was extinguished for generations in Spain. America was sleeping, but it finally did the right thing and went to war against Fascism. I believe Fascism is still our greatest enemy and its face is everywhere in our so-called “democracies.” It was always about the moneyed interests that had the power. That is what Fascism is and that is the danger we are in now. Sanders talks about money, listen to him. He talks cogently about money and its power to distort. He’s the only one who has raised his voice against the corruption in our politics. Clinton has embraced this corruption.

“The Clinton/Trump AIPAC ‘Pander-Off,’“ by Robert Parry

“Critics Aghast at ‘Disgusting Speech’ Clinton Just Gave to AIPAC,” by Lauren McCauley

“Fearing Sanders as ‘Closet Realist,’“ by Robert Parry

“A World War has Begun. Break the Silence,” by John Pilger

“Risking Nuclear War for Al-Qaeda,” by Robert Parry

“Neocon Kagan Endorses Hillary Clinton,” by Robert Parry

“Sanders the ‘Realist’: Hillary the ‘Neocon,’“ by Robert Parry

“A Crazy Establishment Demands ‘Sanity,’“ by Robert Parry

This post first appeared on Facebook.

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Smugness in Hillary Clinton camp really should be embarrassment

This is the 2nd go round for Hillary Clinton's run for President of the United States. Her husband was President of the United States. They have carefully strategised her rise to be able to be a viable candidate. She has all of the "connections" that she needs and an awesome political advisor and example in Bill Clinton, yet

A candidate who isn't suave, glamorous, doesn't have the funds from all of the super Pacs, and every other financial source allowed, the total backing of the DNC, (hell they scheduled the debates to get the least amount of coverage possible). Bernie Sanders is under a media blackout. People don't really know who he is and what he stands for. He is virtually an unknown.

Yet I see time after time people calling for his withdrawn. As though it is fair to somehow take away the choice of the people in this country. The "powers that be" have already pretty much done all that they can to do this already. Yet the voters of Hillary Clinton see nothing wrong with this....unless it would be happening to their candidate.

With all of this going on, Bernie Sanders is gaining momentum and the word is STILL GETTING OUT!. This is remarkable. Bernie Sanders is not done. What is tragic here is the people that are playing right into the upper 1% hands. It is beyond pathetic..

Great write up from "Real. Progressives"

By the same logic, Martin Luther King Jr. was "pie in the sky", as was Nelson Mandela and every other transformational leader in the world. Hillary is a status quo neocon, bought and owned by corporations, banks, the military/industrial complex, and big pharm...so she has to convince you real change is impossible--her donors are depending on her to do THEIR bidding, not yours. Don't fall for the fear tactics. How she has voted in the past speaks volumes more than the promises she makes today. We all have a once in a lifetime opportunity to vote in all of OUR BEST INTERESTS ... instead of for one of two corrupt establishment candidates. Real change is only possible if we vote for it and don't fall for the scare tactics and premature calls for Bernie to give up and unite behind Hillary. If we do, she wins and we lose everything. If we stand strong and vote with our hearts for Bernie, she will lose. She has the media, corporations, big pharm, neocons, the military/industrial complex, her own media propaganda, huge corporate & pac donations, and the entire political establishment doing everything in their power to prevent Bernie Sanders from becoming president. In spite of this, Bernie's support continues to grow, the crowds continue to swell, and he continues to raise huge amounts of money entirely from small donations--all largely thanks to an educated grassroots that is doing everything in their power to get his message out. We are working for Bernie for one simple reason: he is working for all of us. His long record of consistent beliefs and voting shows he will not let us down; we cannot and will not let him down. Stay strong, focused, and don't be distracted or misled by mainstream media fear tactics. #FeelTheBern, #GetOutTheVote and work your buns off for the one candidate who will work tirelessly for all of us.

I found this clip about the need of Bernie Sanders economic idea and a reason why it is so good

That I posted this link. The 1st part is interesting but not what I was referring to. It is the second part. I don't know if this has been posted before, if so I APOLOGIZE.

The Democratic Party in 2016 Primaries is either going to completely morph into a new

Political party that is nothing like the traditional Democratic Party of the 60's and 70's or is will be resurrected and we will be blessed with the Democratic values of the JFK, RFK, HHH and LBJ days.

Those prominent Democrats who stood for real Democratic values would not recognize the Democratic Party today. Bernie Sanders is the only one who is still holding onto their values and that can keep the Democratic Party Democratic.

What is the difference in the ideology of the Democrats of the 70's/80's and now?

I see how so many people support Hillary Clinton and I cannot imagine why. She doesn't really stand for traditional Democratic values. She is too pro corporation, pro bank, too hawkish and not enough civil rights.

I see a Republican when I see her. A more old fashioned Republican not a Democrat, at least not as much Democrat as I would like to see.

Back as far as the 60' s Democrats were marching against Vietnam and holding rallies and sit ins. They were fighting against senseless wars not talking about having them. Regime change is what you call it now. We didn't have the banks running this country, corporations stealing jobs, a stagnant minimum wage........that was the Democrats platform worker's right, staying out of wars, civil rights, building education....

Today we are looking at a different Democratic Party.......at least with Hillary Clinton we are so far. What does the Democratic Party stand for today, because so far I don't think that many of those who support Hillary Clinton are not really whole whole hearted Democrats.

If Bernie Sanders didn't have a media blackout and all of the elections were fair

I believe that we would be looking at our candidate for President of the United States.

There really is no telling how much Bernie Sanders could have done from the beginning if the playing field was level. The way it should be. The fact that he has done this well with a media blackout proves it. He has managed to raise money for his campaign by his supporters, not the corporations, super packs and other games used to buy elections. He has shown everybody how campaign financing should work and how it can work and why we need it to choose our candidates....in the open. He has shown us, under a media black out, that he can inspire thousands of people to come to his rallies to see him and hear him speak. That effort for those supporters show just how much they care for their candidate. If there wasn't a media blackout on Bernie Sanders I am sure he would get infinitely more votes at the polls. People just haven't had the exposure to him to know who he is.

Donald Trump gets so much air time that it is pathetic. Hillary Clinton gets quite a bit too as well as Cruz. It has been proven the the media exposure directly relates to the votes.

This primary season has been one of a kind.

I will believe this until I die though, Bernie Sanders would, hands down be our candidate now if it wasn't for the media blackout and some very suspicious primaries. It is horrible that in a country as great as ours, we have elections as terrible as these are becoming.

I APOLOGIZE. I started a tread that was written by RW publication

My longtime activist friend led me to the link that I shared here. I am taking full responsibility. I did further investigation on the site and you on DU were right.

While are opinion ions may be totally opposite of each other at times, I do want them to be based on truth and not severe bias, especially fro GOP.
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