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skylucy's Journal
skylucy's Journal
May 6, 2016

Just watched a woman named Linda Stasi on Chris Matthews HardBall. She hurled the most disgusting

"enabler" BS about Hillary and seemed to be shilling for Trump and his checkered marital history. No one called her on her rant. Who is this person? A google search turned up an article she wrote basically victim blaming regarding the San Bernardino killings and a bio note saying she was a liberal Dem. ???? The sexism abounds during this campaign season. Yesterday on CNN there were a group of male pundits discussing how the Hillary campaign/ likely nomination was not at all exciting. I guess its not very exciting for a bunch a white guys who have had every president in history (except one) look like them. Sorry. I just had to rant. I think I need to go outside and put another Hillary bumper sticker on my car.

Hillary 2016

May 4, 2016

CNN Wolf Blitzer just said that Sanders Indiana win will not change the delegate math and the only

question now is how Sanders will end his campaign...whether he will do it in a way that helps Hillary or hurts her.

May 4, 2016

Cruz dropping out. Now Trump will go after Hillary like nothing else. Sanders needs to

stop with the Hillary/Dem bashing NOW. He is going to just be helping Trump now if he continues.

May 4, 2016

Fellow Hillary Supporters... OK...No matter who wins Indiana today....

Regardless of whether Hillary pulls out a win or if Sanders wins (and it looks like he might), I know that Hillary will ultimately be the Democratic nominee. She is going to have the most pledged and super delegates going into the convention. What I am really concerned about is that after tonight's big win for Trump, Cruz is going to be basically out of the race so Trump is going to turn all his guns on Hillary. Hillary can take it and give it right back to him, but Sanders is still going to be HELPING Trump spread the B******T about Hillary. So, because Sanders refuses to get out the race AND continues to go negative about Hillary AND the Democratic Party, he will be Trump's little Hillary-hating helper. If Sanders was a loyal Dem, I wouldn't be worried. But he is NOT loyal to the party at all. I actually hope that Cruz stays in the race so Trump has to deal with that, just like Hillary has to deal with Sanders. Does that make sense?

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