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Member since: Fri May 13, 2016, 07:36 PM
Number of posts: 1,128

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Who could Bill Kristol's third party candidate be?

It's obviously an attempt to ensure that neither of the candidates get the 270 electrol votes needed and the House gets to decide

I find it amusing that the supporters are tearing each other down more than the candidates are

When do Weaver and others leave the campaign...

I know Bernie is wanting to take this to the convention, but once Hillary is declared the prospective nominee, what next for them? I'm sure some of them are not willing to burn all their bridges because they want to work in the future. So, when do you think the senior campaign staff start abandoning ship?

Hillary or no Hillary Sanders is not going to be the nominee....

Unless he somehow manages to get a majority if the pledged delegates by June 14. I cannot imagine any other scenario in which the democrats go with Sanders as the nominee

The shoot the gays song at Bernie's rally

Is at best a fabrication and at worst a honest mistake. There is no way in this day and age that any politicians even one that was anti-gay (and loads of evidence says that Bernie is pro LGBT) would sanction such a song for their rally.

Bernie should just set a time and place and ask Trump to show up

And then when he doesn't the chicken moniker will be justified

Does the Univision interview prove that Bernie is the left's Marco

He could'nt answer any questions about Latin America and the implosion of left wing governments in Brazil and Venezula. He was visibly flustered and agitated when he couldn't keep parroting his stump speech in the interview. Shouldn't he have been better prepared when the interview was with the largest Spanish network in America?

Globalization is here to stay

Anyone who thinks otherwise needs to get their heads examined. The pin is out of the grenade and there is no way to put it back

Sanders supporters have to admit the optics don't look good

The DNC decided to award Washington state delegates through a caucus which Bernie won and is entitled to them---

However, this is the 2nd primary in a caucus that Bernie won where he lost the primary---where hundreds of thousands of more people voted. This close to CA, this does not bode well for his campaign

Primary advertising in CA

Has anyone seen a lot of advertising in CA?
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