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Member since: Mon Jun 13, 2016, 01:17 PM
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How to convince your swing-state friends to vote for Hillary

"Jane McGonigal, a video-game designer and author, partnered with MoveOn to create SwingVoterGo, an online game designed to help you convince your Facebook friends living in swing states to get out and vote, already."


Voters are being asked to wear white on Tuesday in honor the of the suffragist movement.


CNN is reporting that the FBI just released files from a 2001 Bill Clinton investigation.

They were part of a FOIA request.

Is Rudy involved in The FBI NY field office leaks to the WSJ and the NYT?

Given the recent leaks, it's pretty clear that Comey has lost control of a cadre of right-leaning rogue agents in the NYC office involved in the Weiner investigation. This office is operating fairly independently from the oversight of the Washington bureau, and it was the NY office that unsuccessfully pressed for an investigation of the Clinton Foundation and then leaked the spin that they were stonewalled by the Justice Department to like-minded reporters.

Why did the NY office wait so long to inform Comey about the existence of emails on Weiner's laptop?

Were the agents violating the law by exceeding the scope of the search warrant when they "discovered" them?

Are they sitting on anything else?

And what is Rudy Giuliani's role in this whole debacle? Who exactly is the FBI NY office working for?

Please remind anyone you know who is undecided, not voting, or going third party that a Trump presidency would guarantee that we would all be subjected to life under Attorney General Giuliani and a rogue, politically driven FBI.


"She has no one to blame but herself" seems to be a new talking point.

Hillary has taken the hit, acknowledged the mistake, and apologized for the private server.

Hillary is not to blame for Comey's subsequent break with protocol in his press briefing in July, his disregard of long standing practices and standards in his release of investigatory notes in September, or his outright breach of ethics on the last Friday in October.

Nor is she responsible for Comey's breathtaking inability to control the rogue elements in his own agency, his hapless caving to doctrinaire tea party republican chairmen (they don't deserve uppercase letters), or his selective circumspection concerning exactly what information should be available to the electorate nine days before it will choose the president.

James Comey will be remembered long after this election as an object lesson in what NOT to do as the person entrusted with safeguarding the fair, equal, objective, and principled exercise of investigatory power.

And he has no one to blame but himself.

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