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Member since: Thu Jun 16, 2016, 09:05 PM
Number of posts: 989

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Imitation is the highest form of flattery! Michelle, you have been flattered.

Now watch how graciously Michelle reacts to the flattery. Just wait. It will be so painful for the GOP/

Hillary will take the high road on her comments about Melania's speech.

She will say that it is really tough to be in that position and have to depend on people to help write a speech in a 'second language.' And then she will let her ad men handle it!

The real winners from last night are the GOP who stayed away. They are looking really good right

now. Some may even qualify as future candidates for their display of such wisdom.

One thing I caught in their defensive statement about Melania's speech is that

Melania is an 'immigrant with love for this country.' Like no other immigrants can be praised for their love of this country.

Plus, Paul's response by blaming Hillary for the media covering this theft of words actually has made things worse!

Hillary's ad makers really have an easy job.

So the Trump camp is blaming Hillary for the media reporting on the Melania speech??

Like Trump said...he could shoot someone and get away with it.

Will the Trump campaign get a BIG or little bump from tonight's hate-fest?

Was anything said that would change anyone's mind or win over some fence sitters?

Just in case...Netflix is awesome with its Originals. Watching Marcella now...very good.

Can't stand to curl my blood watching the RNConvention. If there is anyone on the fence after tonight it's because a fence post is stuck in their butt.

This RNConvention is so egocentric for Trump that I believe not many people will even tune in

until his wife is speaking. Then when Trump leaves so will the viewing audience. Something has to happen to make news or this entire thing will be a bust. I wonder who Trump paid to make something happen to grab headlines?

Ok, after learning about the amount of social networking the latest Baton Rogue killer was involved

in, I am more than convinced the Hillary should introduce the Admiral as a member of her team if not her VP. His message on attacking ISIS and other terrorist at the source of their initiating activity is sanguine. People need to hear it and at least one of the major parties needs to take heed and take sensible action. We know the GOP won't.

Watching Steve Harvey instead of the Trump hate-fest with the RNC. Turn it on if you can.

Some very interesting stories about cops...some of the good ones.
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