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Member since: Thu Jun 16, 2016, 09:05 PM
Number of posts: 989

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I am stunned by the revelation that Trump did not write his much touted book "Art of the Deal"

The interview with the author on George Stephonopolis just now floored me.

But this is what has floored me even more: It appears that the media is going to glam over this as though it doesn't matter as much as Benghazi or e-mailgate. Imagine if someone came forth and claimed that Hillary did not write "It Takes a Village." Now we know most people have ghost writers or at least significant editorial help. But this guy who says he wrote every word of Trump's book says that he regrets writing the book since he learned that Trump was running for President. He said Trump is a liar with an attention span of 15 minutes and he fears what will happen with Trump as President.

If you didn't see the interview you must catch it on line. Amazing! I see Elizabeth all over this and I see a great ad coming out about Trump's lying. Big problem is that it won't matter to most Trump supporters. I only hope it matters to some fence sitters and Independents.

So the opening of the RNConvention will focus on Benghazi...

because Benghazi is crucial to the safety and security of our nation right now.

They are going to hang the past around Hillary's neck as an albatross but I hope Hillary ads and speeches deal with our current situation which is toxic, dangerous to both national and domestic security.

Hillalry needs to get out a few ads about the A rating of the Clinton Foundation and compare

Trump scams to the Foundation. Right now those rants that Trump are putting out MUST be refuted as soon as they come out. Take Trumps words and refute each lie. AND they need to run those ads in 50 states and their major network outlets.

I am loving how Christie must feel about now. nt

What is the other shoe that is going to drop about Pence?

Just rumors, maybe but a friend of a friend told her that there is another shoe to be dropped about the Pence selection. Just waiting...

Meanwhile, is Pence on board with the anti-TPP folks?

In my opinion, the fact that Paul Ryan can say he supports Trump makes him unfit to be

Speaker of the House.

I thought this was an interesting article about a Breitbart reporter locked up in Baton Rouge

with BLM protestors.


Why hasn't the NRA spoken up in defense of Philando who had a license to carry but was

shot and killed for doing so? Are cops now going to shoot on site only blacks exercising their 2nd Amendment rights?

It appears that Comey did his job very well against Hillary. Poll numbers took a big hit after his

editorial comments concerning the FBI decision not to indict. Shrewd. Even as many of his comments have been challenged if not debunked the message is out there and many voters will not even entertain any more discussion of the matter.

I think HC needs to take to the town forums once again and answer the questions and re-frame the Comey comments. AND it would be helpful if Bernie hit the collage campuses in PA, OH, and FL.

The issue surrounding the killing of Philando Castile is NOT about the administration of firs aid.

The issue remains his unnecessary murder. I find it disgusting that the media and authorities are trying to deflect the attention to a red herring issue concerning whether or not the cops rendered first aid and when.

This seems to always happen when cop kill black men. We are deflected to something else, usually a past record of the victim or family members etc. Now the media is carefully helping the authorities divert attention to if and when first aid was rendered.
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