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glennward's Journal
glennward's Journal
August 17, 2016

I hope the Hillary camp is ready for the sh*t that is about to hit the fan from the NEW Trump team.

Really stunned that Kelly would sully herself by traveling around with Trump but...I am sure she is going to get a good pay check (unless he stiffs her and only pay 70% of what was promised).

The media actually is all excited because they were running of things to attack Hillary with.

I just hope she continues to talk to people in town halls and small groups. Her messages go over much better without a lot of screaming and hollering. She can let her ads speak for her int he swing and red states. I do believe she has little to worry about in the solid blue states. Trump has said enough and done enough in his past to screw over people that just showing his history ought to be enough.

I do believe that the questions for the debates will somehow find their way to the Trump campaign a head of time. Hillary needs to learn the art of deflection and re-framing better so that she can fight Trump on his own game.

August 17, 2016

Yes, Cory L is right. Congress approval rating is at 11%. Guess who is in charge of Congress?

The Trump base is angry at Congress and the Democrats should constantly remind them that the GOP is and has been running the show...and they are the problem!

During this lull in the campaign...a few ad on TV and radio in swing areas and even some red areas ought to keep reminding folks that the GOP is running the show and they have decided that they weren't going to do anything to help the people if it helped the President.

August 17, 2016

Are we supposed to forget all the nasty things Trump has said since he entered the race

because he says he is resetting his campaign now? Are we supposed to not remember the any of it?
And how does he get away with calling Hillary a liar and the media repeating that meme without offering on shred of evidence while he is never called a liar with tons of footage to prove it?

If you are AA and collect unemployment benefits, social security, Medicare, Medicaid, veterans benefits, and a myriad of education related subsidies and benefits and can vote without being harassed you just can't say that the Democrats have not done anything for you and always have taken you for granted.

And although some really vulture bankers and lenders baited and switched on a lot of AA during the Clinton administration, Bill Clinton's ideas and policies to lower the financial standards for home ownership was primarily to help more minorities to become home owners (which many did and did not default and still have those homes).
Many were lifted out of poverty during that time but unscrupulous bankers and vulture capitalists used a good idea to make obscene profit and destroy many lives.

This latest effort to drive a wedge between AAs and Hillary and between AAs and immigrants is nothing short of shameful to me.

August 17, 2016

Did Trump say anything of import tonight in his speech to AAs?

Watched the Olympics because of grand kids and couldn't watch Trump

August 16, 2016

I frimly believe that the Uniform Crime Reporting Statistics ought to be made mandatory by law

with stiff penalties for failing to report timely and accurate (honest) reports for all arrests.
I did not know until recently that reporting to this FBI database was voluntary. Making it mandatory by law with stiff penalties and a system for monitoring it accurately would go a long way to curbing police misbehavior I believe. Patterns of police brutality collectively and individually would emerge automatically and statistics on crime ridden areas would be more accurate and a resource for allocation allocation of law enforcement resources.

August 16, 2016

OK, so the woman whom both the right and left claimed helped her husband put into law the toughest

anti-crime bill in our history is now claimed by Trump to be soft on crime? Why is that the RW can always have it both ways? The media never or seldom calls them on this crap!

August 15, 2016

Educating Rudi: After his remarks that no attacks occured in US BEFORE Obama...

Laying 9/11 aside: http://www.cnn.com/2013/04/16/us/past-terror-attacks-us/

How and why does the media continue to allow them to lie and makeup shit?

August 15, 2016

Lookes like Hillary was way ahead of the game by having her own server since State Dept was hacked

on more than one occasion. No evidence that her server was hacked. Those using official servers and communicating with her were hacked. Maybe Hillary is smarter than the experts...or at least her computer gurus are.

There seems to be much more angst about Hillary's un-hacked server than over Snowden and Assange and Russia over their actual hacking.

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