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Member since: Mon Jun 27, 2016, 11:07 AM
Number of posts: 7,665

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Liberal. Liberal. Liberal.

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Has Cha and other HI DUers checked in?

I missed them if they did.

They've got the look...

Too obscure? Or Kinded spirit?

Have a song you love from our lifetime you have on your playlist that you are pretty sure you maybe the only one?

Iíll start:

The harem arrived today...

Big day here. Had to save a long time...

Amish here putting on a new roof.. Whoop!

Today.... Happy Spring at last..

Eagle watch 🦅

The eagles are back. If you can expand you can make out her head

Introducing: Mr.L's Lyric Challenge 2.0

In honor of the great success and fun of Lyric Challenge 1, we have decided to announce an all new season 0f


Rules are:
Don't start out too obscure or too obvious. Half the fun of the game is having that fine point of challenge and having someone know your tune. Post just a couple lines or song lyrics. You may later be asked for hints.

Try to stick to artists/ bands that at least 1/3 of the population have likely heard.

Please put song titles, artist names, in the body of the of text and NOT in the subject line. Give new visitors a shot at guessing without seeing an answer posted in the subject line.


Here's the link to the original. 700 posts was so cumbersome.


It's Fun and Fairly addicting... Join us...

Republican Treasurer candidate abruptly leaves race....

We have 'em on the run... Go Wisconsin

MADISON, Wis. (AP) -- A management consultant has registered to run for state treasurer.

Democrat Sarah Godlewski of Eau Claire filed campaign registration documents with the state Elections Commission on March 30. Godlewski is co-founder of venture capital company MaSa Partners.

Tom Hiller, a Republican investment manager from Madison, registered to run in January.

Incumbent Republican Matt Adamcyzk isn't seeking re-election. He has chosen to run for the state Assembly.

That leaves Godlewski and Hiller as the only candidates registered to run for treasurer so far.

Voters on Tuesday resoundingly defeated a proposed constitutional amendment that would have eliminated the treasurer's office. The amendment's supporters argued the office has no real duties.

The Republican candidate for state treasurer has abruptly quit the race.

Tom Hiller said in an email to The Associated Press on Wednesday afternoon that he had withdrawn from the race. He didn't offer any explanation and didn't immediately return a voicemail or reply to a follow-up email.

Hiller's decision leaves Democrat Sarah Godlewski the only registered candidate in the race.

Wisconsin voters on Tuesday overwhelmingly rejected a proposal constitutional amendment that would have eliminated the treasurer's office. Hiller and Godlewski both said Wednesday morning that voters want to preserve the office and give it more powers.

Greatest achievement of all time?

My husband says the Hubble Telescope....

I think running cold and hot water, right in your house.

How about you?
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