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Member since: Mon Jun 27, 2016, 11:07 AM
Number of posts: 25,777

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Liberal. Liberal. Liberal.

Journal Archives

Who the heck is going to believe his vaccine lies...

And say, Oh now Iím gonna vote for him.

People can be dumb.

McNinny called trump's rally a peaceful protest.

Who should run the DOJ in 2021?

So many great possiblities?

Think how much more respect 9/11/2021 will have when Joe is President.

So much more thoughtful and reverent.

Life returns to US in January.

Anyone else having trouble calling uplinks on threads?

Itís been almost a week of slow to no.

Why don't we point out at every turn...

That the prezdent is obese. OBESE.
The Obese president says Joe is Slow.
Obese President slams otherís looks.
Obese presidentíspoor diet.
Obese President slips on ramp.
Obese President hates obese people.
Obese Oresident has strokes.

Any word on ratings from last night compared to last week?

Some know we moved to Costa Rica a year ago Sept 1

We just felt our first earthquake. 5.97 hours away in Nicoya.

Very odd. 🌋

We won something good!! We never have ever!

Our favorite grocery store is in Canas, Costa Rica. We get messages in Spanish but usually we only partially know what they say in Spanish. Mr Lake got a message that said our store is giving us 100,000 colonies in store credit. Our ex pat group thought it is a scam but no it wasnít. We drove over the mountain and stopped in. We got it. Wow.
We thought it was a credit so we go up with about 39,000. She says no you have to spend it all now. 100,000 is about $169.
So suddenly it was supper market sweep to come up with 60,000. It was fun. We bought wine and alcohol. 6 bottles. Still need more. Bought two big bottles of Tide (a luxury item for me). Still need a few more colonies. A bottle of dishwashing liquid and a roll of aluminum foil pushed us over.

It was so fun. The checkers were more excited than us. 100,000 is A LOT of $ here. Fun in this quarantine.

Pura Vida as they say here.
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