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True Dough

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Member since: Sun Jul 17, 2016, 11:36 PM
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Is Vince McMahon going to start another rival league to the NFL?

Remember the XFL he launched in 2001 that only lasted one season? Well, despite the XFL being short-lived, there are plenty of reports circulating that McMahon may be preparing to take another run at a football league:

If Vince McMahon is, in fact, planning a reboot of the XFL, it may have a different name.

Amid rumors that the WWE CEO is interested in bringing back the defunct football league, Corey Jacobs of WrestlingNews.co reports McMahon's Alpha Entertainment has registered for trademarks on URFL and UrFL. The trademarks were filed by K&L Gates, which is the law firm belonging to McMahon's long-time attorney, Jerry McDevitt.

VKM Ventures, another one of McMahon's companies, has also reportedly filed trademarks for UFL, United Football League, and "For the Love of Football."


Remember, Vince and Donald Trump are buddies. Trump has been repeatedly critical of the NFL over the past few months, particularly relating to the kneeling issue. I wouldn't be surprised if Dolt 45, or one of his flunkies, picked up the phone and put the bug in McMahon's ear. "You know, Vince, the NFL is struggling. Now would be a good time to pose some competition, or at least file for some trademarks to give Goodell et al something to think about."

Religious taboo: masturbation

What's wrong with a little self-love? It seems that it's shunned in many religions (perhaps all? I'm not a PhD on the subject).

Anyway, the Mormons strongly discourage it...

The Mormon church hates self-love.

Masturbation should be strictly banned because it can turn young people into homosexuals and criminals, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints believes, according to a leaked guidebook issued to members.

The 1981 guidebook, released this week by the transparency group MormonLeaks, provides some insights into what many young Mormons have been taught about sexual development and homosexuality over the years.

“Early masturbation experiences introduce the individual to sexual thoughts which may become habit forming and reinforcing to homosexual interests,” the guidebook claims. “Self-masturbation is almost universal among those who engage in homosexual behavior, and is a very difficult habit for most to overcome.”


They ought to call that "guidebook" a "handbook," or a "handy" for short. Then they might actually enjoy it more!

6 mins & 46 seconds of a young kodiak bear LOVING winter

Extremely well-written op-ed by a doctor on "health care freeloaders"

I work in a clinic where the vast majority of my patients are on government-funded health care and have never worked a day in their lives. I used to believe that everyone deserved health care. Now, I work in a clinic where the vast majority of my patients are on government-funded health care. I have learned that the stereotypes about these people are true: Most of my patients have never worked a day in their lives.

They are extremely ungrateful for the care that hardworking taxpayers provide for them. Patients have punched me, bitten me, screamed at me, and even urinated on me. I often leave with vomit on my clothes.

Sometimes, I have to bribe my patients with bright-colored objects, juice or graham crackers just to examine them. Do my patients thank me? Do they contribute to the economy? No!

They just suck up low-cost health care, whining the whole time, and then go pick up their free government milk. Often, they are literally carried from place to place in the arms of a real taxpayer.


P.S. If you haven't figured it out from the excerpt, she's a pediatrician!

Tit for tat

Imagine if countries around the world did something similar...

Dog lovers and Star Wars fans UNITE!!!

Big Ben first QB to throw 500 yard games three times

Ben Roethlisberger became the first quarterback in NFL history to have three games of at least 500 yards passing when he led the Pittsburgh Steelers to a come-from-behind victory over the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday night.

Roethlisberger, who had been one of only two quarterbacks -- along with New Orleans' Drew Brees -- with even two 500-yard games, finished with 506 yards and two touchdowns in the 39-38 victory.

He previously hit the mark with 522 yards and six touchdowns in a 51-24 victory over Indianapolis in 2014, and 503 yards and three TDs in a 37-36 win over Green Bay in 2004.

Roethlisberger's 44 completions (on 66 attempts) are the most in a game since New England Patriots quarterback Drew Bledsoe had 45 (on 70 attempts) in a 1994 win over the Minnesota Vikings.


Harder to solve than a Rubik's Cube!

Anyone giving/getting this for Xmas?

Body cam shows police office executing man in hotel hallway (WARNING: GRAPHIC)

Another truly disturbing abuse of authority. The commands given to the victim, who appears somewhat intoxicated, were overly complicated.

The incident occurred in Mesa, AZ, in 2016. The police officer was found not guilty of 2nd degree murder. At the very least, he police officer is no longer serving on the force.

If you can't bear to watch the fatal shooting, watch until the victim is ordered to crawl toward the officers. Do you think you could have followed all of the commands flawlessly?


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