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True Dough

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Member since: Sun Jul 17, 2016, 11:36 PM
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We all could use a little encouragement at times

This vid is a few years old but I'd never seen it before.

On religion and "need"

I figured I'd make this an OP so hopefully others will comment.

In another Religion thread, there was mention of a "void" or a "yearning" in people's lives.

I replied that I experience no such thing. Another poster responded to me with:

"Born a complete person needing nothing. Do you know how rare that is?"

Now that's a mistake. That poster implied that I need nothing. Of course I have needs. I need to be loved. I need to have someone to share my life with. I need someone I can communicate my personal thoughts to, and someone for whom I strive to make life better. That would be my wife.

I need a sense of purpose. I need affirmation. I need money. Those needs would be filled by my job, which fortunately isn't a drain, like some people's occupations.

I need to feel like I'm helping others. So I am a hospice volunteer.

The needs in my life are fulfilled. Some of them by good fortune, some of them by my own hard work.

I try to be a good person, and none of it involves praying to a higher power, or even believing in the existence of god.

I happen to be in a good place during this portion of my existence here on Earth. Even when things haven't been so good, I've not turned to religion. I've had sleepless nights and high anxiety, but I leaned on family members or close friends for moral support. I got by.

Should I ever lose my wife or my job or other things in life dear to me, it will be devastating. That said, I have no intention of blaming the loss on a mythical being or asking that mythical being to make my life "whole" again.

Judge rules oil & gas company cannot randomly test workers for drugs

An Edmonton judge has ordered oilsands giant Suncor not to proceed with plans to start random drug tests of its employees.

The union representing 3,000 of the company's workers, Unifor 707A, applied on Nov. 30 for an injunction to halt the testing.

Unifor's lawyer, John Carpenter, argued that random drug and alcohol tests violate privacy, dignity and bodily integrity.

In his ruling Thursday, Court of Queen's Bench Justice Paul Belzil agreed. Belzil issued an interim injunction to prevent random drug and alcohol tests until an appeal stemming from an arbitration between the union and Suncor can be decided.


CNN reporting that Franken will resign

A source told Jake Tapper.

This is the conundrum faced by victims of sexual harassment/sex assault


Laila Lalami‏Verified account
Woman reports a predator anonymously.
"Anonymous accusations aren't credible!"
Woman reports under her name.
"She just wants fame and attention..."
Woman reports years after the attack.
"Why did she wait so long?!"
Woman reports immediately.
"What was she drinking/wearing/doing?"

Flaky and majestic

Funniest comment I saw on this magnificent gif was "Will I ever find my tennis ball?"

Beautiful creature!

House of Cards to resume production with Robin Wright as lead

The final season of House of Cards will resume production in 2018 without actor Kevin Spacey.

The star had been filming episodes for the sixth season of the Netflix drama but CEO Ted Sarandos has now revealed that as well as firing the actor, the final episodes will be refocused to center on co-star Robin Wright.

We are excited to bring closure to fans, Sarandos said during a conference on Monday, revealing that the 2,000 people who work on the show will get to return to work next year. The final season will be shorter, with just eight episodes. Details of the plot have yet to be released.

Its also been rumored that Netflix is seeking to launch a House of Cards spin-off, eager to extend the franchise of their flagship show.



Voracious puppies devour cat

's milk! Poor, but generous, kitty!

Trump is on the phone...

"Get me Scaramucci! I mean, Jared. Put Jared on the line! How about Tillerson? Is he still around???"

Aaron Rodgers could practice on Saturday

Now that's a remarkable recovery. Hope he's not rushing back to his own long-term detriment...

GREEN BAY, Wis. -- Aaron Rodgers is on track to practice Saturday, 45 days after the surgery to repair his broken right collarbone.

The Green Bay Packers quarterback was actually eligible to return to practice on Friday, but coach Mike McCarthy uses Fridays before a Sunday game for recovery, treatment and meetings, and then puts the team through a short practice on Saturdays.

Rodgers has a workout scheduled for Friday, and barring a setback, he would practice Saturday.

"We're looking tomorrow to potentially practice him in a trial return," McCarthy said Friday morning. "That's the outlook. We'll determine that tomorrow after his work today."

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