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True Dough

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Member since: Sun Jul 17, 2016, 11:36 PM
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"Get me the f*ck outta here!"

Look at Shinzo Abe's expression after the extended handshake.

"I have to spend part of my weekend with this blabbermouth?!? Aww, man!!!"

Do these movies make you feel old?

They all turn 30 this year!

Lethal Weapon
Dirty Dancing
The Witches of Eastwick
The Princess Bride
Wall Street
Broadcast News
Fatal Attraction
Full Metal Jacket
Good Morning, Vietnam
Planes, Trains and Automobiles
The Secret of My Success
Three Men and a Baby
Throw Momma From the Train

1987 wasn't such a bad year for movies.

Man who beheaded and cannibalized fellow bus passenger now has full freedom

This is causing a lot of controversy in Canada. It was an absolutely grisly case from 2008 where a man pulled out a knife on a Greyhound bus and cut the head off the passenger seated next to him while other horrified passengers fled the bus near Portage La Prairie, Manitoba. Then he consumed some of the man's remains before being apprehended by police.

The offender, a schizophrenic, was sent to a psychiatric facility due to being found not criminally responsible for his actions due to mental illness.

Now, less than 9 years later, he's been given an absolute discharge Manitoba’s Criminal Code Review Board. He had already been living in a Winnipeg apartment since November but has been monitored to ensure he's taking his psychiatric medication.

The Supreme Court of Canada ruled in 1999 that a review board must order an absolute discharge if a person doesn’t pose a significant threat to public safety.

The ruling added there must be clear evidence of a significant risk to the public for the review board to continue imposing conditions after a person is found not criminally responsible.


What are your thoughts? Should someone with mental illness who has killed another person be warehoused for life? If they are granted freedom, would you be comfortable with them moving in next door?

CNN reporting that U.S. investigators have corroborated

SOME ASPECTS of the Russian dossier. It is not yet clear which aspects, however.

It is still being investigated, the sources say.

Golden showers or not, it appears that something might stick here, so to speak...

Who's going to play Betsy DeVos on Saturday Night Live? Christine Baranski steps up!

It's great that actors are eager to parody this joke of an administration!

The Good Wife‘s Christine Baranski is set to reprise her character on the upcoming spin-off The Good Fight, but first, the Emmy-winner is volunteering her services to Saturday Night Live.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Baranski threw her hat in the ring to play the newly (and controversially) confirmed Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos.

“It would seem somewhat logical—we have that strong jawline, don’t we?” she told Vanity Fair. “I can play people with whom I drastically disagree. The [SNL] sketches have been unbelievable all through the election, and the post-election. So yeah, we could have a revolving door of people playing the cabinet members and all.”

Baranski’s willingness to play President Trump’s latest cabinet member comes on the heels of Melissa McCarthy’s uproarious surprise cameo as White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer. Since McCarthy’s appearance, several actors have shared their eagerness to play other Trump-related characters, including Rosie O’Donnell as Steve Bannon and Billy Baldwin as Eric Trump.


Things that go "bing" with Trump

It's one of his "best" words!

Trump's alarmist B.S. deflated by the FACTS!!!

So many lies in so few characters! This lady does a stellar job of dissecting his fear mongering.

Do you prefer athletes make their politics public?

Let's see. Today alone we have Stephen Curry saying Drumpf is an "ass," not an asset.

Then there's Lebron saying Drumpf's immigration ban "divides and excludes people."

On the other end of the spectrum, Curt Schilling (now retired) asserts that Elizabeth Warren "represents everything we hate about politics."

Do you tune into sports to get away from politics? Do you have any issues with professional athletes using their platform to push their political agenda? Or would you rather know where players stand on topics of the day?

Do you own a smart TV? If it's a Vizio, advertisers may know your viewing habits!

Vizio is being sued for tracking viewers' program preferences and selling that data to advertisers. I wonder if it's just Vizio? Maybe some of the other TV manufacturers haven't been caught yet. After all, this is the same concept as most Internet sites tracking your browsing data and then tailoring advertising to your tastes. Television is behind the curve in that regard, so the pressure is on to keep pace.

Consumers have bought more than 11 million internet-connected Vizio televisions since 2010. But according to a complaint filed by the FTC and the New Jersey Attorney General, consumers didn’t know that while they were watching their TVs, Vizio was watching them. The lawsuit challenges the company’s tracking practices and offers insights into how established consumer protection principles apply to smart technology.

Starting in 2014, Vizio made TVs that automatically tracked what consumers were watching and transmitted that data back to its servers. Vizio even retrofitted older models by installing its tracking software remotely. All of this, the FTC and AG allege, was done without clearly telling consumers or getting their consent.

What did Vizio know about what was going on in the privacy of consumers’ homes? On a second-by-second basis, Vizio collected a selection of pixels on the screen that it matched to a database of TV, movie, and commercial content. What’s more, Vizio identified viewing data from cable or broadband service providers, set-top boxes, streaming devices, DVD players, and over-the-air broadcasts. Add it all up and Vizio captured as many as 100 billion data points each day from millions of TVs.

Vizio then turned that mountain of data into cash by selling consumers’ viewing histories to advertisers and others. And let’s be clear: We’re not talking about summary information about national viewing trends. According to the complaint, Vizio got personal. The company provided consumers’ IP addresses to data aggregators, who then matched the address with an individual consumer or household. Vizio’s contracts with third parties prohibited the re-identification of consumers and households by name, but allowed a host of other personal details – for example, sex, age, income, marital status, household size, education, and home ownership. And Vizio permitted these companies to track and target its consumers across devices.


Oakland to rename Coliseum "Rickey Henderson Field"; Henderson will join A's front office

The A's announced Monday that they will name the playing surface at the Oakland Coliseum "Rickey Henderson Field."

The field will be dedicated in Henderson's honor on Opening Night, April 3, before the A's host the Angels. The organization also announced that Henderson will be joining the front office as a special assistant to the president.

Henderson, 58, played 25 seasons in the Majors, including 14 in four stints with Oakland. He also played for the Yankees, Blue Jays, Padres, Angels, Mets, Mariners, Red Sox and Dodgers.

Henderson is the all-time Major League leader in stolen bases with 1,406. He also holds the Major League record for runs scored with 2,295.

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