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True Dough

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Member since: Sun Jul 17, 2016, 11:36 PM
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Avoid Covid vaccine if it was developed from stem cells, Catholic bishop advises flock

Even though "good Christian" Trumpy was treated with Regeneron, which contains stem cells.

The bishop is really "helping" in the midst of a pandemic.

FRESNO, Calif. (KMPH) — Bishop Joseph Brennan with the Diocese of Fresno is calling on Catholics to wait-- and not jump on the COVID-19 vaccine bandwagon.

"I don't want to rain on anyone's parade," Brennan said Wednesday. "But from my point of view, a Catholic point of view, some [vaccines] could be truly problematic on an ethical, moral level for a Catholic Christian."

Brennan says he has some real concerns over how the vaccines are being developed -- and tested-- and he's calling on people to do their research, too.

"I won’t be able to take a vaccine, brothers and sisters, and I encourage you not to, if it was developed with material from stem cells from a baby that was aborted or material that was cast off from artificial insemination," he said.


Here's the sort of armed Trump zealots that we're dealing with...

Just plain coocoo!

SUNDOWN, Texas (Reuters) - Brett Fryar is a middle-class Republican. A 50-year-old chiropractor in this west Texas town, he owns a small business. He has two undergraduate degrees and a master’s degree, in organic chemistry. He attends Southcrest Baptist Church in nearby Lubbock.

Fryar didn’t much like Donald Trump at first, during the U.S. president’s 2016 campaign. He voted for Texas Senator Ted Cruz in the Republican primaries. Now, Fryar says he would go to war for Trump. He has joined the newly formed South Plains Patriots, a group of a few hundred members that includes a “reactionary” force of about three dozen - including Fryar and his son, Caleb - who conduct firearms training.

Nothing will convince Fryar and many others here in Sundown - including the town’s mayor, another Patriots member - that Democrat Joe Biden won the Nov. 3 presidential election fairly. They believe Trump’s stream of election-fraud allegations and say they’re preparing for the possibility of a “civil war” with the American political left.

“If President Trump comes out and says: ‘Guys, I have irrefutable proof of fraud, the courts won’t listen, and I’m now calling on Americans to take up arms,’ we would go,” said Fryar, wearing a button-down shirt, pressed slacks and a paisley tie during a recent interview at his office.


Pope Francis's Instagram account "likes" Brazilian model's backside photo

The good lord created those curves for the pope to appreciate...

A bikini model has claimed that Pope Francis’ Instagram account liked a photo racy of her dressed in stockings and suspenders.

Natalia Garibotto, 27, said the pontiff’s verified Franciscus account was among the 133,000 who “liked” an image of her standing at a school locker with a white crop-top and a skirt barely reaching her behind.

“My mum may hate my ass pics but the Pope be double-tapping,” the Brazilian joked with Barstool Sports, which also claimed to have seen the apparent papal seal of approval before it was removed.

The “like” is no longer there, and it is not clear if Francis controls his own account. But news of the apparent scrolling sparked a slew of devilish reactions and jokes.


Pressure to have teams playing in home stadiums and arenas to placate corporate sponsors

I heard discussion on sports talk radio this evening about pro sports leagues trying to figure out how to accommodate corporate sponsors with stadiums and arenas named after them. Those corporate interests are pressuring leagues to have teams playing home games in their arenas and stadiums again so that their brands and name recognition are getting the publicity that they paid for.

Kind of crazy that leagues are trying to make things as safe as possible during the Covid pandemic but may move away from hubs just to the 1 percenters continue to get their money's worth. Bastards.

Trump reportedly asked about launching attack on Iranian nuclear site

Can you imagine leaving Joe Biden a raging (and neglected) pandemic to deal with and then adding the fallout from a strike on Iran's nuclear ambitions?


January 20th, 2021 will look something like this...



Trump is nothing if not consistent...

I wonder how Covid spreads?

Could it possibly be anything along these lines???


AOC giving Joe Manchin the death stare over "defund the police"

How do these two belong to the same political party. Such dissimilar views and agendas.


Driving through Los Angeles in the 1940s in COLOR!

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