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Member since: Fri Jul 22, 2016, 07:06 PM
Number of posts: 1,907

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a vote for dipshit donnie for prez. is a vote for Droit du seigneur

Dipshit makes the promise to start Droit du seigneur within a hour of becoming president if elected.

Before you start blasting me it's a joke. Check out the definition on wikipedia below. But it also sounds like something he would have a personal belief in.


Paging Rience Priebus, paging Rience Priebus two more broke the ranks with donnie

Remember when you said if someone in the repubic party didn't endorse dipshit donnie you didn't know if the rnc could support them? And you made rubio and cruz put out a endorsement. Even made cruz do penitence by making calls for dipshit. And even had a photo out showing cruz making calls? Well you need to crack the whip gov. herbert and rep chaffetz just withdrew their endorsement. What ya going to do? Make sure to tie that albatross firmly around their neck.

I am outraged, I say outraged, but I'm still endorsing him. The re-pubic chior has spoken.

You would think that after all that 6 foot pile of shit has said. The re-pubic's would get some kind of back bone. They were somewhere just above the level of a worm. But now a worm puts them to shame.

Wonder what dipshit donnie's secret service thinks about him?

I know they can't say anything in public. But what do they say when he isn't around and it's just the secret service team.

If dipshit donnie pulled money from his foundation. I wonder how much from partnerships?

I have know some contractors while doing a project will divert materials and labor over to their own house to do repairs, additions, renovations, etc. I wonder what dipshit has done? Some of his partners are overseas and wouldn't have the opportunity to really track what was going on. Get a higher grade marble delivered. Move a few people around. Charge it to the partnership. His past and present partners really should keep a eye out for something like that.

How many stars in a flag?

Not sure what happened. But CNN had a shot of the stage dipshit donnie was to appear on. And it looked like there are only 39 stars on the flag. Maybe a cheap chinese knock off?

Did dipshit donnie set a record for single year losses?

Just wondering did that loss break records for a individual? Is he some kind of savant champion loser? I think at least he is the gold medal winner dumbass loser for 1995.

Dipshit donnie bought steel and aluminum from China

More purchases from China instead of buying U.S.A. made steel and aluminum . For building some of his buildings. This is his idea of making America great.


Suggestions for #deadbeatdon tweets

Here's a few I came up with. Use them if you want or if you have any more post them here maybe we can get a trend going.

#deadbeatdon is a "genius" losing over 915 billion in a year?

#deadbeatdon loses 915 billion after shafting contractors out of payments?

#deadbeatdon policy proposals would even give him more tax deductions. Not fixing anything with the tax code.

#deadbeatdon wants to make you pay your taxes while he pays none.

#deadbeatdon lost money when the economy was rising. Doesn't sound like a genius.

#deadbeatdon berated low income people for not paying taxes. But he thinks it's great for him not to.

#deadbeatdon said it was a problem that around 50% of U.S. citizens don't pay taxes. But he paid none.

#deadbeatdon has a investment scheme lose 915 million then make the average American pay for his stupid mistakes.

#deadbeatdon wants to reward himself with more tax breaks on inherited wealth while stiffing middle-class families.

New conspiracy theories on where the 1995 tax returns came from

First one

Before the debate the 400 pound hacker laying on the bed dipshit mentioned hacked in to his or his tax guy's computer and took pdf files of the returns.

Next one

Russian hackers broke in to the same computers under putins orders. Because putin was afraid dipshit would want to hang around with him if he won.
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