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Gender: Female
Hometown: OR
Home country: USA
Member since: Sat Jul 30, 2016, 01:04 AM
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Irish Rapper Destroys Trump in One Call

I hope this video post works:


via Palmer Report: Have fun: CBS wants you to leave a voicemail about what you think of Donald Trump

For some reason, the CBS channel in Boston has decided to ask people to call it up on the phone and share whatever voicemail message they would like Donald Trump to hear. It’s not clear if the network is looking to stir up controversial responses, or if it’s somehow naively aware that Donald Trump is the most despised man in America. In any case, this is your opportunity to make yourself heard loud and clear.



BBC: Multiple sources say Russians blackmailing Trump with sex tapes (update: UK leak source IDed)

Interesting read -- posted via Daily Kos on this topic...

First of all, I congratulate the BBC reporter at the Trump presser who simply said “thank you” when Trump sneered “BBC News, that's another beauty”… anyhow, BBC is saying there are multiple sources claiming Trump is compromised with these sex tapes and business deals (attempted bribery?). And of course, with such compromising intel on Trump, Trump is likely getting blackmailed by the Russians and then went all in with collaborating with them on the hacking, at least with the leaks

Either this is a massive Russian disinformation campaign going back many months or the US spy agencies have real intel on a compromised Donald Trump. FBI requesting FISA court search warrants on Trump associates? There’s more than smoke and mirrors here.



Randy Rainbow and Tweets

The latest from Randy Rainbow.

Interesting read: Former spy reports Kremlin cultivated Trump as an asset for 5 years

Well, this makes more than a few things makes much more sense. Via David Corn at Mother Jones.

In June, the former Western intelligence officer—who spent almost two decades on Russian intelligence matters and who now works with a US firm that gathers information on Russia for corporate clients—was assigned the task of researching Trump's dealings in Russia and elsewhere, according to the former spy and his associates in this American firm. This was for an opposition research project originally financed by a Republican client critical of the celebrity mogul. (Before the former spy was retained, the project's financing switched to a client allied with Democrats.) "It started off as a fairly general inquiry," says the former spook, who asks not to be identified. But when he dug into Trump, he notes, he came across troubling information indicating connections between Trump and the Russian government. According to his sources, he says, "there was an established exchange of information between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin of mutual benefit."

Daily Kos link:


Daily Kos post to my email on calling the White House

Russia's sabotage of our election may have been worse than we think. According to well-placed sources, Vladimir Putin himself was involved in directing this interference.

The Electoral College meets on Monday to pick the next President, and they deserve to know the full truth. Please call the White House at 1-855-999-1663 and leave this message for President Obama:

I am requesting that President Obama declassify any and all intelligence related to Russia's interference of the presidential election—and to brief all members of the Electoral College before they meet on Monday.

After you make this phone call, click here to offer feedback on how the call went.

Can't make a phone call? Click here to directly send an email to President Obama.

Undue interference by a foreign power is precisely one of the reason why the framers of the U.S. Constitution set up the Electoral College as a buffer to electing the Chief Executive.

We don't have much time. President Obama must declassify any and all relevant intelligence, and direct the Administration to brief members of the Electoral College before they vote on Monday, December 19th.

Please call the White House at 1-855-999-1663, and urge President Obama to take action. Click here after you have made the call and let us know how it went.

Can't make a phone call? Click here to directly send an email to President Obama.

Keep fighting,
Paul Hogarth, Daily Kos

Albany Times Union calls for EC to "reject Mr. Trump"

Daily kos:
Whether it works or not, the Albany (NY) Times Union editorial board last night called for members of the Electoral College “to deny Donald Trump the presidency — as the Constitution allows and as the Founding Fathers envisioned for a candidate so antithetical to their aspirations for the nation's highest office.”

The editorial goes on to say: “Mr. Hamilton almost seems to have anticipated Mr. Trump, a rich developer and reality show host with a flair for publicity, in defending a process designed to guard against someone with ‘Talents for low intrigue, and the little arts of popularity’."


I was heartened to read this, and hope other media outlets follow suit. Read it all here: www.timesunion.com/...



For whatever it is worth:Celebrities Urge GOP Electors To Deny Trump Electoral College Wins

High-profile actors and musicians are joining calls to deny Donald Trump the 270 electoral votes he needs to clinch the presidency, urging members of the Electoral College to choose someone more qualified in a video posted on YouTube Wednesday.

“As you know, our Founding Fathers built the Electoral College to safeguard the American people from the dangers of a demagogue, and to ensure that the presidency only goes to someone who is ‘to an eminent degree, endowed with the requisite qualifications,’” “The West Wing” star Martin Sheen said. He was joined by 17 other celebrities, including Bob Odenkirk, Debra Messing and Moby.

The video, paid for by the anti-Trump group Unite For America, is the latest in a long-shot effort to urge Republican electors in states where Trump won the popular vote to break from the presumed president-elect and choose anyone else. Electoral College members will meet in their respective state capitals on Dec. 19 to formally elect the next president.



Huff Post: Report Says Putin Was Directly Involved With Russian Interference In U.S. Election

U.S. intelligence officials say they believe Russian President Vladimir Putin was directly involved in efforts to disrupt the 2016 U.S. presidential election, NBC News reported Wednesday.

NBC’s bombshell story comes days after The Washington Post reported that the Central Intelligence Agency believes Russia sought to influence the election and help secure President-elect Donald Trump’s victory. Those efforts reportedly included hacking the emails of the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, and providing them to WikiLeaks. The New York Times, in an extensive report on the hacks, offered details on how the attacks were carried out and reported that Democratic House candidates were also targeted.



Esteemed Electors


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