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Member since: Thu Sep 15, 2016, 06:37 AM
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Footage of the Titanic from 1986

The Wood Hole Oceanographic Institute released footage from the 1986 exploration of the Titanic.


Why doesn't the media go to the source of Abbott's and DeSantis' values?

You canít make this up. This year, National Migration week runs from Sept 19-25 and is marked by the Catholic Church. So, go to the respective parish priests of these self-identified Catholics and ask them if misleading, transporting and dropping off migrants unannounced is consistent with the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops invitation to ďencounter, accompany, pray and reach out to all migrants and refugees, displaced persons, and victims of human trafficking.Ē Ask them if bragging about such efforts is a Catholic value.

If you get no answer, ask the dioceseís bishop.
If you get no answer, ask the US Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Retiring Ohio Supreme Court Justice to join anti-gerrymandering effort

Chief Justice Maureen OíConnor sided with Democrats on litigation over redistricting. Letís hope her efforts after retirement are successful.


Watson suspended 11 games. Fined $5 million


I think I know why Garland's presser got a late start

Imagine how many times he had to rehearse that speech to make sure he could deliver it with straight face.

Seriously, I hope someone gets the story behind the decision to petition for release of the warrant. While I donít doubt the rationale as indicated in the petition, part of me wonders if there wasnít at least a little bit of an ďaha momentĒ smile when they realized that Trump and his cult were out over their skis. Waiting 3 days for that to fully manifest itself was worth it.

I think I missed something in the J6 hearings

There were no calls (or any communication as far as we know) from TFG to the military, Homeland Security, National Guard or any other department/force in an effort to repel the riot. There was communication between Pence and at least Gen. Milley.

When did the latter communication occur?
Did Pence call anyone else?
Did Pence issue an order (did he have the authority?) that mobilized them?

Whatís astounding is that Pence knew he couldnít call TFG.

One question I have about the Secret Service deletion debacle

Did anyone follow the law and the directive to preserve data?

Per their website:

ďThe Secret Service employs approximately 3,200 special agents, 1,300 Uniformed Division officers, and more than 2,000 other technical, professional and administrative support personnel.Ē

If it can be demonstrated that the deletion detail was the presidential security detail, it would be pretty damaging to any claim of simple incompetence.

If I were Pelosi, I would devote much of the remaining legislative session to

Introducing legislative bills that address the consequences of the ruling on Roe, many of which are being discussed here.

Protect or expand access to contraception, health care, family leave, IVF, etcÖ

Force the GOP to vote and show the American people what they really face.

I partially agree with Kevin McCarthy

Today he complained that there will be prime time hearings on the Insurrection, but none on inflation, gas prices or anything the GOP sees as harmful to Biden.

We should have hearings on the Insurrection, and after that, letís have prime time hearings on gas prices, inflation etc. Letís bring Big Oil CEOs in to face Katie Porter. Letís bring the baby formula manufacturers in to ask about their contingency plans to manage shutdowns due to emergencies or, as recently occurred, FDA violations. Letís bring in big Pharma to face questions on insulin prices.

I could go on, but I say letís take McCarthy up on his suggestion. Have prime time hearings on these issues.

Cardinal Blase Cupich on the Second Amendment

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