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Raven123's Journal
Raven123's Journal
June 17, 2024

IMO JD Vance is dangerous to everyone - including TFG

I remember reading Hillbilly Elegy, and have since scanned some of the interviews he gave after it’s publication. I remember his criticism of TFG way back when too. Funny, those clips are harder to find.

Why he ran for Senate has been a mystery to me, but I think it is becoming clearer. Vance is by his nature a mini-TFG. He will use anyone for his personal profit. Hillbilly Elegy was controversial. Pretty much bashed his family and everyone with addiction problems. Mind you his short-lived not for profit employed a “specialist “ with ties to Purdue Pharma, and had little to show for it’s efforts.

He is telegenic, a quick talker and comes off as well-informed. You have to be well-prepared to argue with him. He is a veteran, served in Public Affairs, graduated Yale Law school, worked with republican politicians, worked with Peter Thiel as a venture capitalist. He is smart and dangerous.

I believe he is using TFG and I don’t think TFG knows it. Vance is running for president, and unlike Mike, he has the brains to work around TFG to run the show. I think he is likely the VP nominee, will carry the cognitive load, since TFG is unable, and unfortunately may juice up the GOP in Ohio. Sherrod Brown has a great record, and leads in the polls so far, but this might be an X factor.

Let’s hope the opposition research is on it.

May 24, 2024

Mike DeWine calling a legislative session May 28th

Cleveland.com reports Gov. DeWine is calling legislators in to address the Biden ballot issue. Otherwise the legislature would be out until June 12th.

May 4, 2024

Hope Hicks' blind spot

I don’t know about you, but it seems to me Hope Hicks described the defendant quite well. She just doesn’t recognize that Michael Cohen and TFG are cut from the same cloth.

From her testimony:
“ I did not know Michael to be an especially charitable or selfless person; he is a kind of person who seeks credit,”
Sound like anyone we know?

Cohen liked to "used to like to call himself Mr. Fix It.”
Anyone else remember TFG’s 2016 campaign ? Didn’t he say “I alone can fix it “ at the GOP convention?

It’s the second part of that quote that chills me “but it was only because he first broke it.” We can all agree that there are things that were broken within the GOP before TFG, but his history of breaking things long preceded his GOP affiliation, and continues today.

I hope she reads her own testimony and figures it out.

April 26, 2024

An elephant at the immunity hearing

I listened to the arguments and unless I missed it, no one addressed the possibility that absolute immunity could result in POTUS removing a member or members of SCOTUS. I use the term “removal” euphemistically, as I know impeachment is the Constitutional manner of removal, just not TFG’s, based on his statements.

SCOTUS does seem to see things a little differently when they are affected directly

I would have loved to hear those who seemed to be supporting absolute immunity answer that question. I do hope the questions were designed to take both positions to their extreme limits in order to craft an appropriate decision that addresses the issues raised.

April 23, 2024

My favorite player in the catch and kill game is the doorman

Think about it. This guy says he knows TFG fathered a child illegitimately. Supposedly it is investigated and the child does not bear physical resemblance to TFG. However even TFG knows his reputation as a serial adulterer/womanizer/rapist is so clear and having an impact on his campaign that anything else could lose the election. Who knows. Maybe TFG believes the allegation might be true.

In any event, the doorman gets a $30,000 payout. Basically conned the Don. Heck, those who have submitted legitimate bills can’t get paid, but that doorman!

Sorry: apparently the doorman was paid in 2015, not right before the election. Even weirder.

April 14, 2024

The odd parallels between Trump and an insecticide.

It has come to my attention that Trump bears as remarkable resemblance to dichloro-diphenyl-trichoroethane, better known as DDT.

1) DDT’s use began in the 1940’s, the same decade in which DJT was born.

2) DDT is an insecticide, ie. It kills insects. DJT’s father told his sons to ”win, be killers,’ according to Gwen Blair who wrote “The Trumps.”

3)The danger of DDT was recognized early, by few who were concerned about it’s toxic affect on livestock. Warning signs of DJT flashed early according to Michael D’Antonio who says DJT told him he threw an eraser at a teacher. He was sent to a military academy, but never really mastered the art of self-discipline..

4) DDT use was adopted enthusiastically in post WW2 peacetime because of it’s success in controlling the spread of typhus, a major problem among troops fighting during the war, not quite the same. DJT was embraced as a candidate for president, in part, because of his “success” as a businessman and his celebrity on television. Definitely not the same.

5) DDT as an insecticide was different, because its did not have to be ingested to kill. Simply coming in contact with it produced death. Coincidentally, it has been said that everything DJT touches dies.

6) Though some scientists and farmers expressed concerns regarding DDT, it wasn’t until 1962, when Rachel Carson published “Silent Spring” that the details of DDT’s harm to wildlife was widely disseminated. Similarly, while many expressed concerns regarding the harm of a DJT presidency (most notably, his 2016 opponent Hillary Clinton), the details of the harm done is still unfolding.

7) Chronic DDT exposure builds up in the body and is toxic to reproductive health. As we know, the four year exposure to DJT’s presidency also has proven toxic to reproductive health.

8) Despite not being used for many years, DDT residues were noted in European soils. Similarly and sadly, if and when the threat of DJT is gone, I suspect the residue from his presence will persist for a long time.

What should we do?

1) DDT and DJT are so similar maybe they should share the the same initials. How about Donald Dobbs Trump? (No disrespect to the golden toilet intended).

2) The insecticide DDT was banned (with limited use exceptions). Let’s not make the same mistake. Come November, ban the other DDT with no exception!

sciencehistory.org - Beyond Silent Spring: An Alternate History of DDT 2017
PBS.org - Donald Trump’s Early Years from Troublemaking teen to military school star. 2016
Wikipedia - DDT

February 18, 2024

Torvill and Dean announce their retirement

The iconic ice dance couple announce their retirement. IMO they are the greatest. Rule changes have moved the focus of the sport in the direction of creativity at the expense of the unity of movement that distinguishes ice dance from pairs skating. Throughout their careers, Torvill and Dean have been the perfect amalgam of both.

February 14, 2024

LBJ Special Message to Congress on the Voting Rights Act 1965

If you have 48 minutes to spare, I encourage everyone who hasn’t heard this already, to take the time to listen to the entire speech. LBJ speaks slowly and clearly, identifying so many issues confronting America then, and IMO now. It is agonizingly slow, yet effective because he forces the listener to think about what he says.

January 22, 2024

Haley is NOT criticizing TFG

I may have missed it, but I have yet to hear anyone from the media correctly identify what Haley is doing. She is not criticizing TFG. She is excusing him. She repeatedly claims his gaffs (someone may have a better term) are due to age. This is a strategic move. She is setting up the narrative that she would transfer to the general election if she miraculously became the party’s nominee. She would try to compare TFG’s cognitive state to Biden, which we all know is bull. She would claim Biden is or will become as deranged and demented as TFG.

I wish the media would stop playing her clips or at least correctly identify the ageism on display.

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