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Member since: Thu Sep 15, 2016, 06:37 AM
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An early look at Ohio's Issue 1 breakdown

I have been looking at some results from Ohio’s Issue 1 election from the SOS website. With about 58k outstanding, about 3 million votes have been counted so far. There were 4.2 million ballots counted in the November 2022 election. Remember that included a hotly contested Senate race between Vance and Ryan.

Last night the 3 most populous counties (Cuyahoga, Franklin, and Hamilton) accounted for about 890k votes. The no vote won by a 3:1 margin in Cuyahoga and Franklin (these include portions of Cleveland and Columbus respectively) and 2:1 margin in Hamilton (Cincinnati).

Also notable, the total number of ballots cast were over 70% of the totals in November 2022.

Pretty impressive.

The question Dems should stop addressing

Just saw Senator Blumenthal answer the “what do your GOP colleagues think of TFG” question. The answer is always the same. In private they say blah, blah…

This is a waste of air time. It is time they tell the interviewer something along the line of “I think that question is best answered by those GOP legislators.”

No one is persuaded by the Dems response. It does not further any arguments or discussion. Just gives cover to those too cowardly to take a public stance. Notice all -or at least nearly all - of the GOPers speaking out have nothing to lose.

Footage of the Titanic from 1986

The Wood Hole Oceanographic Institute released footage from the 1986 exploration of the Titanic.

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