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Ka-Dinh Oy

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Gender: Female
Hometown: Wa
Home country: U.S.A
Member since: Sat Sep 24, 2016, 07:36 PM
Number of posts: 11,578

Journal Archives

The disgusting vile puke is opening his mouth.

Notice the only time Cav smiled was when Durbin was shut down about

Cav having a FBI investigation done. What an asshole.

He is saying it is not right to make fun of someone who has an

addiction So, it is alright for someone in high places to make fun of disabled people?


Who fucking cares about the beer laws back then!!

Guess what you clueless fuck.

Trump hired women also and do you think that makes him less shady than he already is?

WTF!! does her paying for any of this have to do with the issue?

Thank you for taking that gross man off the screen.

I do not like feeling sick to my stomach when I am watching my loved true president.

Red dollar?

My friend was telling me when he was working as a cashier in 1992 someone came in with a red twenty dollar bill. He was told that bills in Washington D.C. are red. Well, that is what the store manager told him. ????

New permission to discriminate?

I was at Walmart on Saturday helping my mother do her shopping. Well, when we were coming up to the door to leave the greeter had a black woman standing there while he was looking through her bags. In the not so distant past I had been told ( by employees ) that they only look at receipts if you have large merchandise that is not in a bag ( mostly electronics ) but here he is singling her out and looking very carefully through her bags. There were a lot of white people just passing them by not even being considered to be checked out. My mother was behind her and offered to show her receipt and said to her "you are fine sweetie, go ahead." After seeing this and talking to my mother about it I was pissed and after taking her home I went back to Walmart to talk to the customer service desk. Well, I found out the rules had changed ( not so very long ago ) and they were allowed to search anyone at anytime. Basically Walmart just gave their employees with prejudice a free rein to discriminate. I got very pissed at this ( still am ) am I however overreacting? What do DU'ers think?

Just to let you know, I am ashamed.

There are four counties in Washington state that are red. I am in the worst one which is Lewis County. Yes, the one with that damn billboard.
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