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Gavin Newsome on how & why California is ready to fight back

Updated | It began with a tweet, as so much does these days. The first shot in the coming war was fired in a 140-character burst by Shervin Pishevar, a venture capitalist in Silicon Valley. “If Trump wins I am announcing and funding a legitimate campaign for California to become its own nation,” said the first in a volley of tweets by the Iranian-American technology investor. “As 6th largest economy in world,” he said three tweets later, “economic engine of nation, provider of a large % of federal budget, California carries a lot of weight.”This call to arms was retweeted thousands of times in those bewildering first hours of the Age of Trump. By the next morning, the movement for California to secede from the United States had made national headlines, with Pishevar anointed the movement’s leader. It even had a name, Calexit, an echo of the Brexit movement, which will eventually cleave Great Britain from the European Union. The nativist tone of Brexit foreshadowed the xenophobia of Donald Trump. Calexit is a kind of nativism too, except it’s fundamentally sunny in disposition—a Brexit for American liberals much more closely aligned with Western Europe than West Virginia.


Wall Streets fear index jumps the most in 4 months as Trump spooks market

A popular measure of Wall Street fear jumped to its highest level in more than four months on Monday, as the equity market retreated amid concern over President Donald Trump’s controversial executive order aimed at tightening U.S. immigration rules.

The CBOE Volatility Index VIX, +13.89% which measures Wall Street expectations for large swings in the S&P 500 SPX, -0.64% climbed the most, up about 16%, to 12.22, marking the sharpest jump for the gauge of market anxiety since Sept. 26, according to FactSet data.

The surge in the VIX takes it over 12, which is still relatively low for the metric, with levels of 20 typically considered the clearest sign that fear has gripped the market, while a reading of 12 signals relative complacency. However, the gauge has hovered around historically low levels since Trump’s election victory Nov. 8 sparked a jump in euphoria and appetite for assets perceived as risky, like stocks. Trump has fostered expectations that his administration will be business friendly and therefore good for stocks. But Trump’s recent executive orders on trade and immigration are causing investors to reassess the benefits of his more protectionist agenda, including building a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border and retooling trade agreements to put “America first.”

The most worrying aspect of the climb for VIX is that it had been trading as low as 10.58 as of Friday’s close, around 2014’s lows and perilously close to a 10-year nadir. Some view the VIX as a contrarian indicator. In other words, the lower it goes, the greater the likelihood of a sudden, jarring pullback that can catch investors off guard, some market technicians say.


Customs And Border Officials Defied Court Order On Lawful Residents For Hours Customs officials woul

DULLES, Virginia ― The U.S. government must “permit lawyers access to all legal permanent residents being detained at Dulles International Airport,” a federal judge in Virginia ordered late Saturday.

But U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents at this airport outside Washington, D.C., defied the judge’s order, blocking attorneys from talking to the lawful permanent residents CBP was detaining here.

Border Patrol agents had detained dozens of people who were trying to enter the U.S. from the seven majority-Muslim countries covered by President Donald Trump’s executive order on immigration. Trump’s measure, which also froze the U.S. refugee resettlement program and banned admission of Syrian refugees indefinitely, requires even legal permanent residents from the affected countries to seek approval for re-entry on a case-by-case basis.

CBP agents never actually complied with the judge’s order, because they never let the attorneys into the area where the agency was holding the detainees, eight of the attorneys told HuffPost. But by around 1 a.m. on Sunday, some four hours after the order came down, CBP officials had allowed all but one of the people they were holding to enter the United States.


Judge Ann Donnelly: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


Dorothys Daughter @HlLLARY
Federal Judge Ann Donnelly appointed by @BarackObama confirmed by US Senate 95-2 in 2015 temporarily blocks Trumps ex order #MuslimBan
8:22 PM - 28 Jan 2017
8,094 8,094 Retweets 16,149 16,149 likes

The federal judge who granted an emergency stay of part of President Donald Trump’s immigration ban is a former prosecutor nominated to the bench by Barack Obama on the recommendation of Chuck Schumer.

Schumer, the high-profile Democratic Senator, is a family friend of the judge, Ann Donnelly, according to the Brooklyn Daily Eagle. Schumer had called for the executive order’s reversal.

The order for a stay came down on January 28 from Donnelly, a judge based in Brooklyn, according to The New York Times.

Trump’s executive order had created a 90-day ban on all immigration from a series of Muslim majority countries: Iraq, Iran, Libya, Sudan, Somalia, and Yemen. Syrian immigration was banned indefinitely and the order created a 120-day moratorium on all refugees to the United States. Trump denied the immigration ban was a “Muslim ban,” and said he thought it was working well, The New York Times reported. He has said he feels the ban is necessary to review the vetting process and protect the United States from radical Islamic terrorists.

However, the ban was affecting everyone from an Iraqi man who served the U.S. military as an interpreter to people with green cards as protests erupted at airports around the country, where people from the impacted countries were detained.

Here’s what you need to know:


How come nobody seems to be concerned about this issue with Bannon (Media specifically) Americans

as well, but the media needs to be talking more about this. A DUer reported on it this morning.


Steve Bannon, Trump's Top Guy, Told Me He Was 'A Leninist' Who Wants To ‘Destroy the State’
The Breitbart executive director turned GOP leader boasted at a party about his goal of destroying the conservative establishment.


Also, why didn't the media bring up to McConnell this morning about how he treated Obama when he was talking about an up and down vote on their SC nominee coming up? They need to get more aggressive on all of this stuff but they for whatever reason seem to be bumps on a log.

On morning news, Trump not worried about protestors because he thinks he can tire them out & they

will quit & go home. Doesn't think they will last.

The troubled & Failed Kansas experiment goes to Washington

Would Gov. Sam Brownback, once House Speaker Paul Ryan’s boss and still fond of him today, relish the chance to remake Washington the way he’s overhauled Kansas with supply-side sensibilities?

He smiles. Pauses.

“It’s what I thought would happen all along,” the governor says. “You change America by changing states. That’s how it’s done. … We’ve pioneered these areas.”

Now he sees the Great Kansas Experiment in conservatism headed to Washington at the heart of the Ryan agenda.

Read more here: http://www.kansascity.com/news/politics-government/article129281854.html#storylink=cpy

Man, Nicolle Wallace I think anyway, some here may not but she is right on the money with this tweet

Thomas Roberts Retweeted
Nicolle Wallace ‏@NicolleDWallace Jan 21
Nicolle Wallace Retweeted Mark Halperin

Credibility they don't value, goodwill they don't think they need, professionalism they aren't capable of, humility they wouldn't recognizeNicolle Wallace added,
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