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"Click for Regime Change"

Interesting article by British journalist and Russia expert Luke Harding..

"Even if you’re not forging votes, the internet offers a world of opportunity to debase the democratic process. Candidate not to your liking? Smear him or her. Better still, why not invent a story, say of an ethnic Russian girl raped by migrants in Berlin? (That “story,” spread by Russian state media outlets in January last year and endorsed by a senior Russian minister, was entirely made up.)

Such active measures, it turns out, aren’t expensive. Moscow’s US cyber-operation was a textbook example of how to get big results with minimum outlay. According to the FBI, Russian hackers directed over 1,000 spear-phishing emails containing a malicious link to US officials. The hackers worked their way down a list of US institutions. They began with the White House and State Department, without success. Next, in the summer of 2015, they tried the e-mail accounts of the Democratic National Committee. US intelligence officials believe the Russians penetrated the Republican National Committee, but didn’t release anything. (The RNC disputes this.) The technology involved was kid-like in its simplicity. Once someone clicked on a malicious email, the hackers could “exfiltrate and analyse information,” as the FBI put it. With the DNC they got lucky. Several senior Democrats fell for the bogus emails before Podesta, one—a New York Times investigation found—while half-asleep in Hawaii.

At times, the events of 2016 resemble the plot of a spy novel: cyber-warriors working for Moscow; an autocrat with a personal grudge against Clinton; and another improbable figure, stuck in the Ecuadorian embassy next to Harrods, Julian Assange. The US believes Moscow passed the hacked emails to the WikiLeaks website. Assange denies this, insisting they didn’t come from “a state party.”


British Journalist Expelled from Russia Warns America

"Harding understands how Russia's reach extends far beyond its borders, and he takes very seriously the issue of Russia's interference in the U.S. election. "I don't want to sound too hyperbolic, but it's really an assault on the Western liberal order," he says.

Harding adds that Putin's aim is to disrupt the politics that have dominated America and Europe for the last 70 years. "[Putin] wants to turn the clock back to an age of great powers, to almost an imperial era of the 19th century, where strong sovereign nations didn't talk about values or human rights or anything like that," he says. "They cut deals, they had summits, they made grand bargains ... and they divvied up, they divided the world into spheres of influence."


On Putin's tactics for creating false stories

"This is one of Putin's tactics that he first learnt as a junior spy in Leningrad when he joined the KGB — essentially lying, if you're in the KGB. There's nothing wrong about it. It's simply a kind of tactic. It's a kind of operational strategy. And what we've seen, essentially, is that the Kremlin has kind of perfected these postmodern techniques, first of all, by squashing domestic criticism and taking over TV inside Russia, but really, over the last seven or eight years, willing this out to an English language audience through things like Russia Today, the English-language propaganda channel of the Kremlin.

The goal is essentially to persuade some people that the Kremlin's view of events is true, but also to kind of confuse and bamboozle everybody else by floating conspiracy theories, so there are 10 different explanations for an event, by doing fake news, by hiring armies of trolls. ... And so it's clever, it's clever because it allows, actually, the Russian regime to get away with all sorts of things, and increasingly, I guess, exploiting the openness of Western societies and America in particular."

(About the author - "Journalist Luke Harding has an insider's understanding of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Harding served as Moscow bureau chief for the British newspaper The Guardian from 2007 until 2011. During his tenure, Russian agents followed him, tapped his phone and repeatedly broke into his home."


Heard this interview on the way home yesterday, and it chilled me to the bone.

Harding's opinion is that the Trump administration is operating straight out of the FSB playbook, though NPR did not put those comments in its summary. (NPR also issued a statement earlier the same day on why it would not call out Trump’s false statements as lies.)

My conclusion - Putin has successfully executed a coup on the United States government.

What the Republicans ""Wall" really means

It is the same thing Albert Speer did for Hitler.

They are taking the money that would have paid for our health care, climate change research, our schools, and basically the future of ths American people, and they are turning it into an absolutely worthless symbol of right wing hatred.

It's what they do.

All You Fascists BOUND TO LOSE!




Section 4, 25th Amendment - Relieving Queeg of Command

"...Trump too has a psychopathic personality: a paranoid with obsessive-compulsive syndrome. The best term that describes Trump is “malignant narcissist.” Trump’s erratic behavior at his first press conference reinforces the fear that all his negative campaign rhetoric was not mere bluster. In that press conference, and in his midnight tweets, Trump has attacked the free press, our American intelligence community, supported Russia, conflated the truth and violated his campaign promises not to use the office of the presidency to make a buck for himself and his family."


What is the remedy for America’s Trump dilemma? This brings us back to Haughness’s point about preparing in advance, now, to deal with the true threat posed by President Trump.

Unfortunately, there is no provision for popular recall of a disabled president, but the 25th Amendment, section 4, provides for a succession of presidential power where it has been determined that the president is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office. This Amendment represents a parallel to Article 184 of Navy Regulations.

Vice President-elect Mike Pence and our elected congressmen, including McCarthy, need to prepare immediately to deal with Trump’s projected and virtually assured inability to serve our country as a rational, ethical and safe president.Keying on Barack Obama’s Farewell Address, all American citizens and true patriots need to support ways and means to make America safe again. We can’t afford to await the passage of four years. We can’t waste any time."

When the weather breaks

I heard that tens of millions of people are going to show up in Washinton to help Trump pack, and to remind the rest of the fucking democrats we elected to do do their fucking jobs.

Can Trump Actually Start a Nuclear War?

"Like it or not, President Donald Trump will have a large say over the question of war and peace in the next four years.

Nevertheless, while Trump would be able to get the United States into a war, Congress can cut off funds if it believes that the president has misled them or that the military engagement is not in the interest of the United States. Fighting modern war is expensive and has so far always required special funding legislation. If Congress opposes military action, it could just refuse to pass a law funding the president’s military adventure rather than actively passing legislation to reduce the size of the military or cut the defense budget. Consequently, Trump’s war powers in the long run will depend on how well he will be able to work together with the Republican majority in both the House and Senate.

The Worst-Case Scenario

The question of war and peace under a Trump presidency becomes imminently more pressing when discussing the use of nuclear weapons. In the summer, an American talk show host claimed that Donald Trump repeatedly asked a foreign policy expert why, given that the United States possesses nuclear weapons, it cannot use them. (Trump denied the veracity of the story.) President Barack Obama repeatedly stated he would not trust Trump with the nuclear launch codes for U.S. intercontinental nuclear ballistic missiles given the latter’s temperament. Rather than being guided by deliberate and rational thought when making a decision that could annihilate the lives of millions, emotions could take the better of the president-elect and cloud his judgement, resulting in a nuclear holocaust."

This is a read that will simultaneously make you crap your pants and still have hope.

Can Anyone Tell Me Where to Look for Livestream

Of the protests in D.C. tomorrow?

You know it won't be shown much if at all on corporate media.

Thanks in advance.

Senator Bob Casey, DEMOCRAT Pa. Votes NO on Trump Appointments!!!

At least three of President-elect Donald Trump's Cabinet nominees won't be getting a "yes" vote from Pennsylvania Sen. Bob Casey when their nominations come to the Senate floor.

The Democratic lawmakers said Wednesday that he plans to vote against Department of Education nominee Betsy DeVos, Attorney General nominee Jeff Sessions, and Environmental Protection Agency nominee Scott Pruitt.


Called him just now to thank and encourage.

Hope you do too.

202 - 224 - 6324

Got SPINE!!!


That's why I voted for them!
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