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Member since: Wed Jan 4, 2017, 07:15 PM
Number of posts: 6,438

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Not one Tweet by our Hitler wannabe this morning

Is he still alive??

DOW futures up 286.00, lets see if that holds or climbs

Thought Trump said that the World and the Markets were going to come crashing down once it was known that Biden would be the next President.

Any of those using an electoral interactive map chime in.............

I've gone over mine a bunch of times.

Mine comes out:


Minus one Proud Boy...........


Gosh...he looks like he wouldn't hurt anyone.

Vote him away.....on Twitter


Kansas Dem Gov Laura Kelly is putting a mandatory face mask order in public places

It starts on Friday. She's done a hell of a job in this Republican run State and taken their bitching and being called a "dictator" for our shut down laws and re-open. But..like other States we slowly re-opened and cases are soaring. Can't wait to see the whining when this really sinks in.

If KKKris Kobach would have won the Gov race instead of Kelly Kansas would have been left wide open like Florida and Texas and it wouldn't be safe to go anywhere.

Thought that news of a earthquake felt in Tulsa after the EPIC FAIL might be fake but...

Nope...looks like it did happen.


Quarantine arrests in Hawaii

Given multiple warnings and now locked up. Hawaii has had a 14 day quarantine for months now. It shows it's working with only 632 cases--only 12 new ones in May. I have a brother, his wife and daughter living there and I want them SAFE. If the quarantine bothers you then don't go!!

Fuck people like these...........


Lot's of days with zero mail,even junk mailers are giving up

Weird, lived at this same address for almost 40 years and there has always been something in the box. Looking on my USPS Informed Delivery there is nothing for today either. Don't miss all the junk mailings but it's strange.

BTW, I'm glad the USPS implemented the informed delivery for letters and packages or you might think someone is stealing your mail.

Trump using the hated USPS to send you a "your getting a check for $XXXX.00 signed Donnie....

Total BS,grandstanding,using taxpayer money for what is nothing more than a campaign letter etc,etc. Get yours yet??
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