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Member since: Tue Jan 10, 2017, 01:27 AM
Number of posts: 3,355

About Me

I was on DU for years as Underground Panther. I am 54,a non binary,demi asexual,transgendered person with a feline soul. I am a Satanist chaorder, ceremoniaI sorcerer. I despise republicans and thier"beliefs"and the crap they call a political platform. They are scumbags. I love cats I do many kinds of art,love history philosophy,magick, among many other things. I love to explore the unknown. I have a sweet black and white cat named Othello. I am Very glad to be back on DU.

Journal Archives

It used to be..

It used to be religion was seen as dangerous threat to a sound functioning government that works for all people.
The founders were fleeing religious persecution and made our government secular for this reason.
Long time ago political hopefuls had to reassure the public that their religious beliefs would not impair their judgment while in power.

When the hell did this great notion our founders saw as vital to this country get nullified?

Was it a gradual forgetting of the dangers of religion in the state, in the government ? Or a gradual plan to put church into state on purpose by zealots? Seems that this problem was taken seriously once upon a time.

Sick sneaky evangelicals are who made this idea that religion corrupts power fade away from public awareness. With the moral majority shit and beyond. evangelical assholes have seeped into the highest places of law.

Now we have religious bigoted believers making laws and judgments based on their fucking religion, declaring who has human rights and who does not.
They go twisting the laws of the land to fit their delusions and prejudices
This crap has now become the norm. People do not stand against these Christian manipulators much nowadays.

Why can't we get some sanity and admit some beliefs are toxic to democracy.

Disqualify the religious freaks because thier beliefs are toxic to democracy..

Beliefs like being a nazi right-wing control freak ,or Evangelical assholes who strive to legislate for their crazy church to control government to make all people obey the church is wrong. It's anti American.

Zealots always push their religion on everyone else. And they now brazenly take rights away from others they don't like solely because of their beliefs.

They destroy woman's right to choose..they legislate transgender people can be subjected to the whims of abusers all because of the irrational beliefs they hold.

The Evangelical menace is dehumanizing all sorts of people who don't believe in their churchy bullshit or does not value their values..

Fuck all the Evangelical pieces of shit.

Their religious beliefs are not special, sacred or without harm. Religious zealots need to be chastised, and chased out of government forever.

America is not Christian nation and it's definitely not an Evangelical church.

I'd like to see that prayer breakfast in congress shut down. Because this is one way evangelicals corrupt power with religion.

I hope the Dems would put a provision into law that would disqualify certain types of beliefs( like Nazism, Evangelical control govt.end times horseshit, blending church and state, Homophobia, Trans phobia, Misogyny or corporations and state are not to be seperated) All religious bullies need to be banned from public service precisely because of their toxic beliefs ban them from ever being in public service.

Get the fuck face evangelicals out of government,out of the justice system and out of places of power.
They need to keep it in church and out of government.
Posted by I_UndergroundPanther | Tue Oct 15, 2019, 07:02 PM (6 replies)

What if republicans put trump into presidency

On purpose knowing full well he was a wannabe tyrant,a spoiled man baby and corrupted to his narcissistic core.

They wanted to change the system and they knew he would do the changes these rich rethugs wanted.
And that he is refusing to let documents and testimony go through it shows the rethuglican POS they can be emboldened to go against the laws of the land and grab more power and defy the courts and laws and consitution.
This tells those narcissitic assholes abusers in Congress that they can act and disobey laws and get wealth and power and nobody can do anything to stop them.rethugs are definitely trying to coup this country. And the republicans knew he was arrogant knew he is a manchild and knew he'd keep people's eyes off what they were doing. Behind that big orange asshole. And when they've done the damage, they'll throw trump away. Or dispose of him.
Posted by I_UndergroundPanther | Tue Oct 8, 2019, 08:46 PM (6 replies)

I hope with every fiber of my being

That the republican party are seen as traitors and criminals and incompetent assholes and republicans are ridiculed and their beliefs are seen as they are, toxic.
I want the whole republican gestalt to be a laughingstock,to be rejected and the republicans and their greed lies,sociopath and Narcissism go away forever and ever and people never forget why the republicans are toxic to freedom and well being of decent non psychopath,non narcissistic or not greedy people.
May the republican party be torn apart by those who actually care about this country and the laws and human rights and caring about us all is all that remains.

I want the republicans hated for what they have done. And I wish they'd all go away, and the old ones die off. And people stop thinking bad people are good people.
Posted by I_UndergroundPanther | Sun Oct 6, 2019, 03:34 PM (8 replies)

Fascism and abusive love.

Love as falling in love with narcissists unawares is a similar pattern as falling for a fascist on a social level .

When the love is new, for a victim red flags are ignored as the new victim gets to know the nice side of an abusive relationship.

Like when the people on the right fell for trump ,extolling his " virtues"
While denying red flags that trump
Would become a criminal, abusive miscreant in the White House.
They are in love with him.

As for liberals we saw through his fascist tendencies right through the narcissism and tried to warn the right wingers of the dangers like he would harm the country.

Like a teenager in love they get angry and deny their boyfriend is dangerous. Like right wingers they say shit like trump is joking,trump cares etc.

After a few inexcusable abuses of power they can admit they see
little problems in the relationship themselves but they are still in denial.
They still sing the praises and make excuses for the abusers bad behavior on public.
Like the trumpers people caught in an abusive relationship they fuse their identity with the abuser/trump. Like Stockholm syndrome.saying they trust him ,and bat away others concerns as an annoyance from people that have no clue about their wonderful "relationship" and those who criticize trump are undermining the "relationship". They have with his fake face.that exists in their minds they have constructed.

People outside see the abusiveness and warn them louder more frequently .

And the lover digs their heels in and refuses to see the obvious While secretly they saw the red flags too,but will make excuses get defensive.because of the so called relationship.they have fused with the abuser.

Will there ever be a day when they get battered and decide to get out?

They said in an article about abuse it takes a few attempts before a victim leaves the bad relationship for good.

They forgo other relationships and the abuser isolated them.

Just like trump and his rhetoric and abuse of power others perceive but the abused still sees it as a more or less positive relationship. The victim further is isolated from Friends and family. Like right wingers push away Friends and family. That are different from themselves.

There are a lot of parallels between the stages of what happens in abusive relationships
And the devotion some abuse victims have on a social level to leaders that abuse a nation like trump does.
There are more similar traits between abuser and victim, trump and trump follower.
and this is well,scary.
I'm noticing this and it is difficult for me to put it in words. This is an attempt. I have PTSD,and this thing I am noticing is triggering as all get out. Thanks for reading it.
Posted by I_UndergroundPanther | Sat Oct 5, 2019, 08:31 PM (25 replies)

How long until the rich

Are shut down for financially abusing an entire nation? When will they lose enough money that they can no longer buy our government from under us?
Capitalism has failed and has given us a kakistocracy.
Posted by I_UndergroundPanther | Sat Oct 5, 2019, 05:22 PM (4 replies)

Trump is desperate

Like all abusers trump is gaslighting Americans to get away with the crimes he has done.as the list gets longer republicans will use airtime to gaslight the public more. So many posts are veiled threats. Trumps posts are manipulation. Trump and the republicans are gaslighting people.
Why? Because they are narcissistic sociopathic and authoritarian,trying to hide an illegal racket,and their criminal conduct. Why do so many republicans get busted doing crimes and abuse? They are narcissistic sociopathic and authoritarian.
Never. Trust a right winger.
Posted by I_UndergroundPanther | Mon Sep 30, 2019, 05:10 PM (0 replies)

Trump is not mentally ill or crazy

He is an aged doddering sociopath narcissist authoritarian. Quit lumping trump monster with the mentally ill or the stigma reinforcing words like crazy.
He is falling apart because the ego of a narcissist is fragile once you expose his games and tear away the mask they wear because they are empty and devoid of empathy. He fears he is a loser ,and the republicans are also sociopath narcissist and authoritarian too. It is a part of who they are. Which is not mental illness or trauma inflicted wounds.
Trumps personality is who he is is the problem,not a mental illness.
Posted by I_UndergroundPanther | Sat Sep 28, 2019, 11:55 AM (49 replies)

Walmart is going to

Expand into health care. Why would they do that? Unless there is money to be had doing it. I wonder ifthey are thinking Universal health Care would be a cash cow for them. Just a thought.
Posted by I_UndergroundPanther | Sat Sep 28, 2019, 12:09 AM (4 replies)

I do multiple kinds of crafts

But recentIy I am having a hard time getting myself into my craftwork.
I have a few projects I am working on.
Any ideas.on how I can motivate myself
To do my art and craft projects
This slump has been here over 8 months.
Posted by I_UndergroundPanther | Mon Sep 23, 2019, 09:20 AM (11 replies)
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