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Member since: Tue Jan 10, 2017, 03:45 PM
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came across it mentioned in another thread . never heard of it before.
In Q mythology, the secret society of true patriots is known as “the White Caps.” For those unfamiliar, here’s the Wikipedia page explaining the history of the Whitecapping Movement.

was at my local wal mart shopping and in the pre order pickup

line i saw a small red car with the following signs plastered all over it. wear a mask . sorry i have no snaps for thee , but it was glorious .

to the four star admiral who wants to clean up racisim and bigotry in the navy.

we must first get rush limpaugh and all his ilk off armed forces radio. stat.

when your target chashier is a bigot and your daughter has the best smackdown,

thanks for the heart.

this is in my earworm player today. ( hernado's hideawy.)

can a federal judge be removed if appointed under a prior prez?

allowing a criminal to go on vaca, poor thing . see ya.

this should be played at the capital esp in the senate . battle cry of freedom.

i exist.


earworm time .!!!!!!

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