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Member since: Tue Jan 10, 2017, 03:45 PM
Number of posts: 9,503

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if thigs goto hell quickly . i aint going this is my country allso , dang nabbit.


i am looking for a simple easy to use pedometer for my iphone se 22. thanks .

when ever i always searcb , its the 10 best or the 8 best . gets annoying after a while.

todays repast for lunch from meals on wheels is ,,

quiceh florentine w sliced baked potatos and asparagrass. mmmm.

tonites repast

sonoma chicken salad . brocolii. and noodles wih yogurt for desert. meals on wheels style .

as of 1343 hours sonora current temps are ,,

79 degrees f. may as well as say 80 degrees f. sky partly cloudy . with humidity. ewww, rickey.

interisting to get rid of waste into an oppertunity.

welcome to the 1950's folks . america always going backward . why do we have to.

i dont know if this is appropriate here , if u dont think so go ahead and lock it

i found this greek orthodox priest talking about his runnins with vanjelicals .

hes great.

river otter vs sea otter . pics.

river otter . sea below. (being punny)


river otter .


someone in a prior post tried to tell me that the above was a sea otter .

from oregon zoo. mother river otter teaching otter kids how to swim. being what they otter .

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