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Member since: Tue Jan 10, 2017, 03:45 PM
Number of posts: 9,503

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dear du.

when the govt shutdown takes effect , im worried about the economic outcome of it all. in my area yosemite national park was shutdown and my area was devistated economicly by this stoopid act of self idiocy. i know some ppl who are actually glad that the rs didnt raise the debit celing and didnt know about the economic hurt that may lie ahead . they only do it for r prezes .

usefull tip

i have and always used a notebook for my computering activities . i just learned how to crereate custom backgrounds for my iphone 6. i put the information into my word processor and print it out and put it in my note book. have a grand day.


custom desktop photos for iphone .

Go to Settings > Wallpaper, then tap Choose a New Wallpaper. Select an image from your photo library, then move it on the screen, or pinch to zoom in or out. When you've got the image looking just right, tap Set, then tap Set Home Screen.

pre lunch time reading about 10:00a 114. ate breakfast @ 0700.

a while ago i had mentioned i had bought a drone .

i have flegged. am gaining air but uncontrolled hops . will practice some more .
feat . goal. socre . want to have controlled hovers using the cycilic pitch control and throttle.

cq cq cq cq . a while back someone on here had asked for informaiton on

controlling erosion on their property. would like to have a update and any success on controlling said same . thanks .

cq. radio signal for general call. also known as q signals .


the little guy is orko from the masters of the universe cartoon. 1983 version of he -man .

re a qestion i had on syncing iphone to macbook air.

to find phone . goto finder / and then choose what u want .

i exported a photo of my mom to make desktop photo on the iphone and found a proceedure for that too also.


i am breathing a sigh of releif as i hear that gov newsome has his job.

lard lips wanted to destory ca for voteing against him. im sure ill hear no end from our mostly r community whining that the election was rigged . prove it in court and a recount that you pay for, not us , this cost us a lot of money . the rs should have paid for it themselves .

from what i have read , the ca recall was a dismal FAIL for the rs .

am doing steamship whistle imitations again.


i have a early 2014 macbook air with dual core and 15"screen

the little gal is about ten years old. i was given a iphone 6 lately and how do i,, transfer photos from macbook air to iphone 6?
usually if external device , the device shows on desktop. not so with iphone . do i need a special cable or does lightning work. thanks in advance .
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