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nkpolitics1212's Journal
nkpolitics1212's Journal
October 1, 2017

Who was the worst FEMA Director? Michael Brown during Hurricane Katrina under Bush 43 or

Brock Long during Hurricane Maria under Trump?

October 1, 2017

2017/2018 US Senate Election- Republican held US Senate seats Democrats could win.

AL-if Democratic GOTV and turnout is high-Jones-D has a chance.
TN-if likely Democratic nominee-James Mackler-D gets DSCC funding. The last time a TN US Senate Race was very close was in 2006. Harold Ford Jr.-D received 48 percent and Bob Corker-R received 51 percent in that race. The 2018 Republican nominee will be a right-wing conservative unlike Alexander-R and Corker-R. Mackler-D has more crossover appeal than Ford-D.

October 1, 2017

2020 is going to be the year Democrats regain control of the US Senate.

2018-Democrats have to defend 6 seats from red states-IN,MO,MT,ND,OH,and WV and 4 seats from purple states-FL,MI,PA,and WI. Democrats will lose IN and MO and pick up AZ and NV. 48D 52R
2020-There is no Democratic held US Senate seat from a red state up in 2020. The 2020 Democratic Presidential nominee will win MI,NH,and MN-helping re-elect Peters-MI,Shaheen-NH,and Franken-MN. Democrats will pick up AZ Special,CO,ME-if Collins-R loses in the Republican primary or retires,and NC. 52D 48R.

October 1, 2017

2017 AL US Senate Election-Doug Jones-D internal has him down 4 points- 44-40.

The last time an AL US Senate Race was close was in 1996-Session-R first US Senate Race. Sessions-R won by a 7 point margin (52-45) against Bedford-D.
Roy Moore's-R margin of victory over Doug Jones-D in 2017 will be similar to Jeff Sessions'-R margin of victory over Roger Bedford-D in 1996.

October 1, 2017

2017/2018 US Senate Election Rating.

AL-Lean Republican-44R
AZ-Tossup Democratic-24D
CA-Solid Democratic-25D
CT-Solid Democratic-26D
DE-Solid Democratic-27D
FL-Lean Democratic-28D
HI-Solid Democratic-29D
IN-Tossup Democratic-30D
ME-Likely Independent-31D
MD-Solid Democratic-32D
MA-Solid Democratic-33D
MI-Likely Democratic-34D
MN-Solid Democratic-35D
MS-Solid Republican-45R
MO-Tossup Democratic-36D
MT-Lean Democratic-37D
NE-Solid Republican-46R
NV-Tossup Democratic-38D
NJ-Likely Democratic-39D
NM-Solid Democratic-40D
NY-Solid Democratic-41D
ND-Lean Democratic-42D
OH-Lean Democratic-43D
PA-Likely Democratic-44D
RI-Solid Democratic-45D
TN-Likely Republican-47R
TX-Likely Republican-48R
UT-Solid Republican-49R
VT-Solid Independent-46D
VA-Likely Democratic-47D
WA-Solid Democratic-48D
WV-Lean Democratic-49D
WI-Lean Democratic-50D
WY-Solid Republican-50R

October 1, 2017

2017/2018 US Senate Election -Democrats guide to a majority.

Holding onto FL,IN,MO,MT,ND,OH,and WV
Picking up NV and both AZ seats (McCain resigns or dies 6 months before the 2018 election.)

October 1, 2017

Would Jason Kander going to Alabama to campaign for Doug Jones be helpful or harmful to Jones?

Kander was the Democratic nominee for the 2016 Missouri US Senate Election against Republican incumbent Roy Blunt. Kander lost by a 2.8 percent margin while Trump won Missouri by a 18.6 percent margin.

October 1, 2017

Should we give US Territories American Samoa,Guam,Puerto Rico,Northern Mariana Island and

US Virgin Islands the ability to vote in the US Presidential Election like the District of Columbia.
American Samoa,Guam,Puerto Rico,Northern Mariana Island and US Virgin Islands each get 3 electoral votes in the electoral college increasing the Electoral vote total from 538 to 553 plus give Puerto Rico another 4 electoral votes due to population. 557evs.
Should we give US House Members from District of Columbia,American Samoa,Guam,Puerto Rico, Northern Mariana Island and US Virgin Islands voting power in the US House. Total number of seats in the US House increases from 435 to 445. This gives the Democratic Party 10 additional seats in the US House.
Should we give District of Columbia,American Samoa,Guam,Puerto Rico,Northern Mariana Island and Virgin Islands their 2 US Senators increasing the total number of US Senators from 100 to 112. Democrats could end up with 60 seats in the US Senate.

September 30, 2017

2020 US Senate Election-If Doug Jones-AL gets elected to the US Senate on December 12, 2017,

He will be the most and only vulnerable Democratic incumbent US Senator up for re-election in 2020.
Jones-AL will be the only red state Democratic US Senator up for re-election in 2020.
Red State Democratic US Senators up for re-election in 2018 are
Donnelly-IN and McCaskill-MO are the most vulnerable Democratic incumbent US Senators up for re-election in 2018.
2020 will be the year Democrats regain control of the US Senate.
Democrats win AL in December 12, 2017- 49D 51R
In 2018-Democrats pick up AZ-Sinema and NV-Rosen but lose IN and/or MO. 49D 51R
In 2020-Democrats pick up AZ-Stanton, CO-Perlmutter, and NC-Stein but lose AL 51D 49R

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