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butdiduvote's Journal
butdiduvote's Journal
February 28, 2017

Is there any chance the Dems are working secretly on a plan to end this all post-2018?

I've fantasized about them taking back control of the House and then installing their Speaker pick as president, but is there any chance they're actually considering this? Maybe they have enough on the Trump campaign to impeach both Trump and Pence but realize it'll never happen with them in the minority. Maybe they're planning to use this information when the time is right to kick them both out after hopefully regaining House control following the midterms. For obvious reasons, they wouldn't speak publically about it right now.

...any hope?

February 27, 2017

Why are the deplorables so prone to mean-spiritedness just for the sake of being mean?

One of the things that have been so upsetting to me about the election result is that the winning side was the side of being cruel for the sake of seeing people hurt. The bullies got the last laugh, and it was the electorate that allowed them to have it. I've heard a number of them justify their "liberals crying" memes with, "They made fun of us and called us deplorables, so now it's our turn," but the thing is, we didn't want our schadenfreude against them solely for the sake of seeing them in pain. We wanted to see them put in their place because they're mean to us. They want to see people weaker than them hurt just because seeing people discriminated against makes them feel good. They showed up at our rallies chanting "Lock her up!" They started physical fights with us. They sent us messages on social media telling us to kill ourselves or similar sentiments, then they continued doing it after they won. They rejoiced over "seeing feminists cry," and why did they want to see feminists cry? Because we advocate for equal rights for people...that's the thing we do that bothers them so much.

I just don't get it. And I hate that this mean-spirited mentality is the one that was allowed to prevail.

February 17, 2017

Can we not put an end to all of this in days if we can organize a true general strike?

The people in charge of our institutions seem prepared to drag this out for months, if not years. There are so many more of us than them, though. We have more power than they do if we harness it effectively. Why is there not more of an interest in taking this into our own hands and organizing a sort of women's march on steroids. If we can get 3 million people out marching the day after the inauguration, surely we can at least double, ideally triple or more, that now. The powers that be will have to answer to us if every American who wants this fool gone occupies the streets and refuses to purchase anything, not just for a Saturday, but for days. They can't ignore tens of millions of people disrupting daily life and the economy.

February 17, 2017

Here is my promise to myself

In a previous thread, I explained how I was having a hard time disengaging from reading stuff about the election/this administration and it's affecting my mental health. I think it's partly fear of missing something huge and partly a desire to feel back in control whereby I constantly search the internet for some piece of information that will assure me everything will be okay and back to normal soon. If there isn't an obvious breaking news story like the one about Flynn lying to the FBI, I go looking for some source of hope...a tweet from Malcolm Nance, a video of a democratic congressman calling the election illegitimate, anything. Constantly getting my hopes up only to have them dashed the next day is driving me insane.

So my promise to myself is that, if there aren't any truly major developments within the next 2 weeks, I'm turning off politics for at least 2 weeks. It'll be hard. I've become so obsessed with politics lately that it's hard to even care about anything else when I try to do something else like watch a movie or read up on some scientific topic, whatever. But I'm gonna try to develop a healthier pasttime than watching this trainwreck every second of the day.

February 16, 2017

I'm struggling with a major case of "Can't look away. I might miss something!"

This entire situation--both Trump's disastrous administration and the fact that I watched my dreams I had hyped up way too much die when HRC lost--is harming my mental health severely. I never should have allowed myself to get as emotionally invested in the election, but here I am. Following election coverage became such an obsession and hobby that I'm at a loss for what even to do with my free time now that Hillary is gone, and the only thing left to follow is the neverending train wreck. Following the election was hopeful and fun; following its aftermath is traumatizing. I know I should just check out of all of it...get obsessed with a book series or something instead...but I can't because I can't shake the feeling that I'm gonna miss some major development the moment I look away. I wish someone could give me some kind of timeline on when Trump really is going to go down...if it's a matter of weeks, it's worth remaining glued to the news for all of the latest developments. If it's years, I'd better disengage before I wind up in a hospital.

Just thinking out loud.

February 16, 2017

What are your thoughts on when we'll hear the truth on Russian election interference

Within weeks? Months? Years? Never/the story will be swept under the rug?

February 14, 2017

Thank you for the warm welcome with SEVEN hearts. :)

No, I'm not fishing for additional hearts. People giving me them actually makes me feel kind of bad because I know they spent money on them lol.

Having just signed up a few weeks ago after being a lurker (and avoiding this place all together during much of the election because of the overwhelming anti-HRC sentiments), I just wanted to say thank you for making me feel mostly welcome here. I'm usually hesitant to participate in political discussions despite having an interest because I don't know nearly as much as true political junkies who know all of the complex details behind how our government works and therefore usually feel like my less-nuanced input is looked down upon.

February 12, 2017

Explain like I'm 5: If the dossier is proven completely accurate, is Trump headed to prison?

My understanding is that the dossier claims, in addition to the famous golden showers stuff, that the Russians have information on his finances that could be used against him and that they had been cultivating him as a candidate for years. Does it explicitly state that he cooperated with them in this cultivation, however? With reports that the dossier is gaining credibility and has been corroborated to a tiny degree, I'm wondering just how explosive it would be if the entire thing, or most of it to whatever extent is possible, were verified. Would it alone be enough to take him down? Or would it just damage his credibility a great deal?

February 11, 2017

Is it possible any election rigging dates back to the primaries?

Remember during the primary debates how he refused to say he wouldn't run as an independent if he didn't get the nomination? He seemed awfully sure of his victory for someone who was a celebrity blowhard who spent the debates talking about things like penis size because he didn't know anything about policy. Then his primary results themselves were outrageous. Sure, there are people in this country who will vote for a clown because hehe look at me, I'm so funny, but I'm not convinced those people outnumber sensible, educated, patriotic conservatives by such huge margins.

I am admittedly just going off of "hunches," but there remains this nagging feeling in the back of my mind that the Russians had this thing rigged for him beginning day 1.

February 10, 2017

What is Louise Mensch going on about on Twitter regarding Flynn?

Is she implying that the Sessions confirmation has basically destroyed any (or most) chances of the truth being revealed about a Russian-Trump plot to influence the election that she believes took place?



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