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Buckeyeblue's Journal
Buckeyeblue's Journal
June 28, 2017

Would we be better off with ACA repeal with no replace?

The replacement bill is a mess. The Rs are not good at coming up with new ideas. They are the party of no or "we can't." The conservative mindset does not lend itself to innovative problem solving. The conservative people I've worked with are great about following procedures and holding fast to long established policies. They are not the people you pull into a room to build something new.

Since we know their new idea on healthcare sucks, would it be better if they just repealed ACA and we went back to healthcare pre-ACA?

I can tell you pre-ACA, my premiums still went up each year, so we are not going to save money.

But if we had to choose, I think a straight repeal is better than this piece of shit legislation they are proposing.


March 4, 2017

Kushner's role in all of this

If this were a spy novel, Kushner would have to be the double- agent. I thought it was odd from the start that he, a democrat, would be so involved in 45's campaign. I chalked it up to the idea that he just liked the game. It was something new and fun, a good distraction for someone with his wealth.

But now I wonder. Maybe he was recruited early on, when 45 started getting dirty money from Russia, to be a set of eyes on the inside. Then it would have been a money laundering case. But then it took an even bigger turn.

This is just wild speculation, of course. But this whole thing is so wild, it's hard not to speculate.

March 2, 2017

What does Obama know?

And what is his legal ability to tell? Does he know exactly what happened but is legally forced to sit quietly and watch? When does the moral imperative to intervene out weigh the legal mandate to remain silent?

February 12, 2017

Bad logic

Multiple gay people are not allowed to marry. It is a one on one contract. Polygamous marriages would introduce complications with regard to property rights and other shared obligations.

February 5, 2017


I wanted to say hi to everyone. Look forward to discussing the resistance. I'm a transplanted democrat in rural southwest michigan, surrounded by mostly poor people who vote Republican. It is interesting times.

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