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Member since: Fri Feb 3, 2017, 09:22 AM
Number of posts: 725

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trump national golf club vandalized before he got there this weekend and resist was spray painted on

the lawn.

More and more are agreeing with Maxine Waters when she said on cnn, Lets talk impeachment. Go Maxine

and many are standing with you.

Sexist. They now admit it.Many trump supporters now admit why they

voted for trump.

Timothy Stanley is wrong. Its not too soon and its never too late.

Since the election of all the hundreds I spoke to she didnt win because she's a woman.

We still want to see those tax returns.

trumps a wimp. He's 70 years Old and has no marriage.

How is that possible. Did you see on CNN if democrats filibuster gorsuch and

republicans use the nuclear rule to get him in then that would automatically turn the Senate into
like the house of representatives WITH A 6 YEAR TERM and democrats are creamed. How can that be. It's on the CNN app under the heading "the Senate has one more week to live".We CANT have a filibuster. ITS A TRAP!

What a bunch of messed up people. Having asked around for the past few months why some trump

voters voted for Trump, I found out how messed up some of them really are. Of course we already knew that. The most common among the white collar men, (those
that sit behind a desk all day) was because she was a woman. Yes sexist. After talking with many trump women voters, I have deduced that it was because they
we're jealous of her. So I guess to them it was never mind their family, never mind their children and their future, they just voted for the worst one imaginable, Trump and the republicans.

Why is it that just about every russian that met with

Kushner is a banker with ties to Putin. I hope hes not being used as a scapgoat by trump.
Maybe he knows the truth.

Trump wants to eliminate poor low income kids after school program. It would affect 1600

elementary school children that encourages them. I think now that every God, no matter who you believe in hates him now. I'm convinced!
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