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Gender: Male
Current location: Florida
Member since: Wed Feb 22, 2017, 04:19 PM
Number of posts: 3,470

Journal Archives

I knew Fox News was bad, but holy shit!

I stopped tuning into Fox News a long time ago. I'm watching The Daily Show on my DVR. They are playing some clips from Fox and Sean Hannity is literally telling his audience Booker will ban meat if he gets elected. Is this the kind of absurd shit they are telling their audience about all of our candidates? And their dumbass audience believes this stuff? And they refuse to listen to anything else because Trump calls them fake?

So are the girls that went to Dalton while Epstein was there being accounted for?

To see if any met with unfortunate accidents or something like that? One thing that is known about certain people, that have no problem killing to keep their secrets.

What is your favorite recipe for a thin crust pizza?

Any New Yorkers here? Who has the best pizza in Manhattan?

Does the brand of coffee make a difference?

#TSA sick day


We can end the shutdown, here on Twitter.
#RT this until is becomes a movement.
It just has to get out there.

If #TSA employees ALL call in sick one day, air travel will halt.
Trump will get the message.


Not a strike.
State of the Union day.
January 29.

So Trump thinks the word fuck is inappropriate.


Are there any beef jerky aficionados here?

What cut of meat?
What thickness?
What marinade ingredients and for how long?
What temp to dehydrate and how long?

Did I miss anything, any tips?

Thanks in advance.

What website are you using for live results?

Bagels, your preferences?

Cream cheese, butter, jellies, jams, egg&cheese, smoked salmon?
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