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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: South of Texas
Member since: Sun Mar 5, 2017, 10:33 PM
Number of posts: 1,865

Journal Archives

Without pictures..

It never happened 😊

What prompted this EVENT?!🤔

Y'all..I been gone from DU 10+/- yrs.. can I come Home?

I may need assistance navigating here.. but I see many People I remember..
I left bc I felt "attacked" by cliques.. maybe they were foreign psyops/bots/trolls? I don't know.. like to think I'm a lil more "sophisticated"🤭.. probly NOT.😄.. but leaving elon's app & need late breaking news & REALITY & PROGRESSIVE Allies.

So sorry to hear You're going thru this!

Please don't think about what "he needs"..
What do YOU need? YOU.
When I was going through major depression, at my lowest, I had a Vision, a flash of InSight.. what would I do, if I were the Mother of a Woman going through that depression? I did THAT.. I "mothered" mySelf, NURTURED mySelf.
Took a while, & had to check mySelf, OFTEN. But I made it to the Healing process, & I BELIEVE..
YOU will, too. BELIEVE IT.💖

Thank You.

Keeping those memories & sharing them means so much.. to his Girls, & to us. Thanks, Doc.

M.J. Mouton 💙

Progressive & WonderFULL author.
& YAY, YOU, for doing this important Volunteer Work! Have FUN!


I noticed today cornyn actually used the word "democratic" instead of sneering "democrat" (member, party) TWICE. It was stunning.. in all the years I've heard/seen him, he's NEVER said that.

1 thing that happened..

Fri pm, he tweeted an arrogant reply to Eric Holder, & sparked a big ole backlash.
There was a little poll, then, 97percent support for Holder AND Mueller's investigations. 97percent from the 1st hr, & continued 97percent for 24 hrs, nearly 15,000 people.. It was TRULY epic!
Not only is cornyn DESPISED *in TEXAS!!* but GREAT support for Team Mueller.

Some reSources for You

I understand what You're dealing with. Before You jump into the recovery process, check out some of these sites & see if You can get some Volunteer help & donations. Don't be too proud to ask for help, or think You can do it ALL YourSelf.

Austin Common Ground, in & around Houston, are doing amazing Work. They have great information & reSources for recovery, please look at them before You get started.
(I witnessed Common Ground in NOLA post Katrina, they're effective & efficient, no waste or nonsense. Anyone looking to donate or volunteer, I highly recommend Common Ground!)
BASH (Bayou Street Medics)
Another wonderful group doing Harvey recovery.
Again, I really recommend, they have great reSources YOU might use.

In Florida :
MADRelief (Mutual Aid Disaster Relief) If You want to pm me Your contact info, I will get a message to them, or You can call them.

Also, look into:
Food Not Bombs
Build Autonomy
Best Wishes & Blessings to YOU! 💖

trump w/blank notepad, at CampDavid.

Twitter screamed about it when it 1st came out..
blank notepad, no notes, no questions, curiosity or concern. I found this absolutely chilling.
& pence "in charge". WHAT?
I'm dealing with the storm. & ask You ALL to contact Your electeds, d or r, & raise hell..
will be offline till ? Stay resistant, Y'all.💙

Congress needs US to flood local offices

With calls, emails, VISITS, if possible, while they are on "vacation". THEY need our encouragement & insistence, D or r, they NEED to be able to report to their colleagues that voters back home DEMAND a few things :
They have the responsibility to be the check & balance on executive branch.
They must put the PEOPLE, the US, the Constitution, before party or $.
They MUST know we hold them accountable, & expect them to fulfill the duties of the Sacred OATH they each swore to.
They have to know that if they refuse to defend US, & the Constitution, that WE accept that inaction as proof of their own collusion in the crimes & treason of the trump-rusky-republiker mob.
They have to do everything legally possible to curb the Trump insanity.
I say start the process of the 25th Amendment, as well as Impeachment, which is already on paper in the House.
Please make Your calls.
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