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Thomas Hurt

Thomas Hurt's Journal
Thomas Hurt's Journal
August 26, 2020

A taste of the christofascist response to Rittenhouse's arrest...

Right wing poster on the Hill:

"A 17 year old kid dropped 3 domestic terrorist, two of them while He was on the ground being attacked."

Kyle Rittenhouse is a race hero to conservatives in the country.

August 21, 2020

Everyone ready for the Robert Trump funeral and presidential campaign rally this weekend?

Do you think there will be hamberderz? I am expecting a trainwreck.

August 16, 2020

Well folks what do the think the odds are that DeJoy...

takes some vacay and skips town next couple weeks.

August 14, 2020

Latest from the Trumper Extended Family Facebook Front:

The racists are concerned Biden has a racist past...and are puzzled why the minority community would vote for him and not the real racist.

I am paraphrasing but you get the drift.

August 11, 2020

Just a little peek into the christofascist approach to smearing Kamala Harris...

I quote from a The Hill comment: "At least Kanye is African-American.. and his family did not own slaves."

August 7, 2020

"Many Americans Are Convinced Crime Is Rising In The U.S. They're Wrong"

The consequences of christofascist fearmongering and scapegoating. From the article:

In other words, we feel the risk of crime more acutely. We are certain crime is rising when it isn’t; convinced our risk of victimization is higher than it actually is. And in a summer when the president is sending federal agents to crack down on crime in major cities and local politicians are arguing over the risks of defunding the police, that disconnect matters. In an age of anxiety, crime may be one of our most misleading fears.


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