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Le Gaucher

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Member since: Tue Mar 21, 2017, 10:32 AM
Number of posts: 1,274

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Breaking: DNA test for Lindsay is out.

It says he shares genetic material with a rare spineless chameleon that was received from his father's side of the family and that he is a real asshole.

Will Trump win Reelection?

There is something about Evangelical Brains..

That makes them readily accept authority figures.
Who tell them what to believe.
Any evidence contrary to their beliefs makes them dig deeper into their beliefs.
Sexual aggression is always the women's fault. She invited a man's lust .

All of which makes it very convinient for the Orange Anal Pus.

What has surprised you most about the Trump Presidency?

I am surprised at the resilience of his support. I really thought when people see for themselves who Trump is - his rating would be in the 20's.

I am surprised the Orange bastard is still president.. and sad that our country has so many racists.

KKK is distributing flyers in my town in NJ

Plus this crap was sprayed on a nearby high school.

Overt racism and intimidation is making its way into previously unimaginable places.


Some people were beatifying George Bush because he got a invite to speak at McCain's Funeral

All was forgiven.

But this week he lobbied to get Kavanaugh on the Scotus. Bush is Trump who prolly doesn't grab females by the lady parts. That's about the only difference.

Do you do the Nytimes crossword puzzle ?

I do it. - but am no whiz .. I cheat by not revealing ..but by checking ( you can do that on the app) whether you are on the right path.

To me its the best way to keep me from surfing and keeping my mind off the news .. Especially when I am on the train.

And feel good when its done.

If it can be later proven that Kavanaugh committed perjury

can he be jailed - irrespective of whether he is on the SCOTUS or not?

Jailing him might be easier than impeaching him.

I wish FBI can question one person without anyone else being present

Kavanaugh's Wife.

Not saying that they will find any new information..she might come out and say the fucker is second coming of Jesus Christ.... But she may also reveal what she truly thinks if pressed correctly...

That should be worth a shot.

I think Republicans will vote the Rapist No.2 to supreme court. Question is

If any of the Democratic voters will vote for him as well.
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