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Member since: Sat Apr 8, 2017, 07:19 PM
Number of posts: 3,157

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Defeating the stupid "Pelosi is a hypocrite who has a wall around her own house" - type argument

Here's a facebook exchange between myself and a trumpian sister (who has a small farm in the Orlando area).

sis: I say BUILD THE WALL.

me: I've got a question for you: why don't you build a wall around your own place so nobody can get in? Too expensive? The investment is too high compared to the risk of terrorism and invasion? It wouldn't work, anyway? It wouldn't look so good?

sis: I have a fence around my yard and also have 3 large dogs. I do my best to protect what I have. We have enough criminals living here without getting more.

me: a STUPID expensive wall won't keep out criminals, that's why you won't build it. You say you do your best to protect what you have? Well, if that doesn't include a wall that's NOT doing your best, is it? Isn't that the stupid Republican argument?

(And, by the way, her 3 large dogs are pussycats who welcome strangers, not frighten them. LOL)

Trump to propose DACA protections in exchange for wall funding

Dear Ms. Pelosi,

DACA people are not pawns, and we will get them protection at the next election, anyway. I urge you to REJECT this deal.



John Kasich... new CNN regular commentator... coming across as reasonable

which means he's about to be labeled a traitor.


The price of staying in the Republican Party is getting steep.

Is there a SLOWER series on TV than "The Man in the High Castle"?

I'm on episode 3.4 and I don't think I'll be going any further.

CNN just showed two hour lines at the Atlanta airport....

people waiting to clear security due to lack of TSA agents.

In the meantime, air traffic controllers are handing out flyers to people entering the terminals that this shutdown must end immediately.

He's at 37% approval? Unless he admits defeat that's only going to get a lot worse.

I've started attacking my trumpian brothers' and sisters' voting rights.

Their ethical voting rights, that is. I just told them they should be ashamed of themselves, that they've forfeited any ethical right to vote, and that they should keep their undiscerning, uninquisitive, fox-addled brains away from any polling place forever in the future.

A Russian agent in the White House endangering our national security, prosperity, and harmony by shutting down our government. What has this country come to, and who is responsible? People like my trumpian siblings, that's who. They might not be traitors in a legal sense, but what's the PRACTICAL difference? Not much that I can see.

I've been drinking, too... can you tell?

LOL. I think those jackasses actually believed Pelosi would agree to a Wall.


Has Whitaker ALREADY shut down the Mueller investigation?

I find the lack of recent indictments quite troubling.

Imagine if someone like Nick Mulvaney were president

Evil bastard who is intelligent.... a master of specious argumentation who would probably be more effective than an obviously insane asshole at argumentation and policy implementation.

God I love her!

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