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Member since: Sat Apr 8, 2017, 07:19 PM
Number of posts: 3,139

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An uncivil exchange. A tale from the abortion clinic.

Let me start by saying that the encounter was uncivil because that's the way I made it. I chose it to be. I woke up in a foul mood this morning, fed up to my eyeballs with hypocritical cretins. I know it will sound like a manufactured story, but it actually happened.

So, anyway, three blocks from our apartment here in Richmond is an abortion clinic, in front of which I daily walk my dogs. This must be a day of scheduled procedures, I gathered, because right there at the head of the driveway were two people, a fifty something male and a fifty some female, praying out loud from their Bibles while making absurd facial gestures.

Well, this fits right into my mood this morning, I thought, so I couldn't resist:

Me: Are you two harassing women coming to the clinic?

He: No. Are you harassing two people praying?

Me: Well, yes, I sure am. You see, I can be honest about things.

He: Well, honestly, we're only praying, sir.

Me: No, you're not. You're harassing people just by being here. You could be praying from home. And you want to hear how else you're being dishonest?

She: No, not really.

Me: Well, I don't care, you're going to hear it anyway because I don't appreciate your public harassment. I'll ask you, if a girl walked up to this clinic carrying an actual baby in her arms and told you she was going inside to behead it, what would you do?

She (visibly taken aback): Wha, wha, well, well... I'd try to talk her out of that.

Me: So you admit you're here to try to talk women out of their choice?

She: No, no. That's not what I meant. We're only here to show them we're here to pray from them and their babies.

Me: Well, so that's all you would do? You would try to talk somebody out of beheading their child? You mean that's IT? You're full of baloney. If you actually thought there were murders going on inside there would be more than just two of you here with your Bibles. There would be THOUSANDS of people here, armed to protect that child. And I would be here with you.

She: You can't tell me my faith. I believe it's murder!

Me: No, you don't. And I don't appreciate hypocrites harassing people who have to make hard life choices. Go away and leave them alone.

To any American soldier ordered or tempted to shoot a migrant who throws rocks....


You will NOT be protecting this country. You will NOT be a hero. You will be seen as a murderer everywhere in this world except among a minority cult of deplorables.

Worried because as always we can count on Republicans to outperform the polls.

Republicans typically show up to vote at higher numbers than their actual representation within our population.

I think the reason is quite clear.

When your social philosophy is love and tolerance, live and let live, it's none of your business if they do, I'm an individual rather than a pack member, science over superstion, love over bigotry, etc. then you're not as motivated to get out and impose that will.

Republicans are typically the opposite of all that.

Dear James Carrey, be careful of your mail.

Especially anything from James Woods.

"I'm not calling Mr. DeSantis a racist, I'm simply saying the racists believe he's a racist."

Sick burn.

Mr. Gillum, please be our next president. You or Beto, either one.


I blame Sean Hannity and scumbags like him...

who give voice to and repeat the slimy lies against good people.

This is the type of crap we have to deal with... and it's a powerful persuader

among the poorly educated, that is.

Here is what my sister posted on Facebook... not her own words, but the fact that she reposted it to my attention told me she agrees with it:

"Lady walks up to the cashier with her 5 snot nose kids and buys $20 in groceries with food stamps then pulls out $100 bill and buys 50 lotto tickets.
If you can afford to pay $100 in lotto tickets then you don't need to be on the food stamps that myself and every other hard working person provides you with"

But you know what?

I've taken the gloves off, even with my own family members.

Here was my response:

"It must really suck to be so miserable in life that you're jealous of poor people. Why would you even say 'snot-nosed kids'? It's very disrespectful of small people who are innocent of anything their parents might have done, right or wrong. Furthermore, the frequency of that sort of activity is exaggerated.

And why aren't you angry instead at the TRILLIONS given to RICH people? You only notice people buying lottery tickets because they operate inside your own world, but the BIG thievery happens in places you're not rich enough to attend. That's how Republicans get away with it... they keep you angry at POOR people when poor people are mostly powerless. STOP VOTING AGAINST YOURSELF, and stop being angry at poor people."

Sorry, Michelle.... when they go low I'm not going high any more.

Right now I'm thinking of Susan Sarandon.

Don't know why she popped into my head.

He won't be impeached, but can he be indicted by the House for perjury?

Are Supreme Court justices above the law?

I just alerted my brother I will no longer talk to him.

He has crossed the line by calling Dr. Ford a "lying bitch".

I'm truly, truly sad that my own brother is among the basket of deplorables.

Did this need its own thread? Probably not.
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