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Pastor Rick Joyner says that God will destroy anyone who gets in the way of Donald Trump

Somehow, despite his vulgarity, disrespect towards women, bragging about sexual assault, and nearly everything else about him, most conservative Christians still support Donald Trump and believe God sent him to “save America,” and that God will protect the president.

That’s exactly what far-right pastor Rick Joyner said in a video he posted on Facebook last Thursday.

He dismissed recent news that Robert Mueller had issued grand jury subpoenas for Trump’s financial records. And he had a warning: God will take out anyone who tries to take down President Trump.

God's going to transform our news media; Trump isn’t going anywhere,” he said. “Watch everybody fall who goes after him. Watch it.”

“It’s because he has a divine purpose,” Joyner added. “God put him there, and only God is going to be able to take him out. You watch what happens to everyone else who tries. Watch what happens to our Congress, watch what happens to Republicans who are obstructionist and devious in their methods too - who claim to be one thing and turn out to be the opposite. Watch what God does in these days.”

The Orange County, CA, based pastor - who purchased part of the disgraced Jim Bakker's former Heritage USA theme park in 2004 - added that “for the most part, everybody’s having the time of their life” in the Trump Administration.

At: https://www.usamagazine.net/pastor-rick-joyner-says-that-god-will-destroy-anyone-who-gets-in-the-way-of-donald-trump-video/

Thou tempteth fate, Brother Rick

Argentine unions lead march against labor flexibilization and higher retirement age proposals

Argentina's three main labor federations and numerous social advocacy groups marched in Buenos Aires today in opposition to labor law flexibilization and pension reform proposals being pushed by President Mauricio Macri.

Converging in downtown Buenos Aires, marchers and labor leaders called for the defense of jobs, free collective bargaining, rejection of pension and labor reform, and a dignified retirement.

They also demanded that Santiago Maldonado, a missing 28 year-old activist, be found alive. Maldonado was arrested on August 1 while supporting a protest by the indigenous Mapuche people against encroachment on sacred lands in Patagonia, and has not been seen since.

Today's demonstration was announced on Friday after an agreement between the nation's largest labor federation, the CGT, and the more left-leaning Worker's CTA and Autonomous CTA federations.

Playing for keeps

Historically beset by divisiveness, Argentina's labor movement has achieved a nearly-unprecedented unity since Macri took office 20 months ago.

Free trade policies and massive utility rate hikes have earned him political support from business groups and the IMF - as well as a record $116 billion in new foreign loans.

Critics, however, note sharply higher prices, a wave of small business failures, higher unemployment, a doubling in capital flight, and - confounding market analyst predictions - a 64% collapse in foreign direct investment.

"They do this every time," CGT leader Juan Carlos Schmidt reminded the audience. "They demand sacrifices from us while encouraging short-term speculation - and once they've make their killing, leave us all holding the bag."

While numerous union demonstrations have taken place against the right-wing Macri administration (including a general strike on April 6), Macri's recent bid for labor law deregulation and for raising the retirement age to 67 galvanized the nation's labor and social organizations alike.

"They're playing for keeps. The government would like to do away with the entire labor movement - not just this labor leader or that," former House Speaker Leopoldo Moreau explained. "People are trying to protect their living standards and labor rights, and don't want to return to pre-1916 conditions."

From the ATM to McDonald's

Known in Argentina as the "McDonald's bill" after it was revealed that the U.S. based fast-food giant helped craft it, Macri's labor reform proposals seek a return to the lax labor law environment of the 1990s, when similar bills were passed in 1992 and 2000.

The work week rose from 40 to 48 hours, short-term trial employment was encouraged, and layoffs were made simpler and less costly. But rather than create jobs, unemployment jumped from 7% in 1992 to 24% in 2002, and the incidence of unregistered workers doubled to 45%.

The 2000 labor bill became known as the "ATM bill" once it emerged that President Fernando de la Rúa, a vocal supporter of Macri's policies, had State Intelligence bribe a number of senators to obtain its passage.

Amid a record collapse and rioting, de la Rúa resigned the following year.

At: https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=es&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.pagina12.com.ar%2F58116-contra-la-flexibilizacion-y-a-favor-del-empleo

Bank workers' leader Sergio Palazzo addresses demonstrators: "There are more than enough reasons for today's mobilization."

Trump Spiritual Advisor Paula White: "if you oppose Trump, you're fighting against the Hand of God"

Right-wing pastor Jim Bakker interviewed televangelist Paula White, one of President Trump’s key spiritual advisers, on his television program today, where she declared that opposition to the president is opposition to God and explicitly praised Trump for not sounding or acting presidential.

“Thank goodness he’s not a polished politician. In other words: whether people like him or not, he’s been raised up by God because God says that He raises up and places all people in places of authority. It is God that raises up a king, it is God that sets one down and so when you fight against the plan of God, you’re fighting against the hand of God.”

Later in the show, when Paula White declared that Christians “were sent here to take over,” the host Jim Bakker excitedly agreed, asserting “that’s why we have the president we have!”

White then proceeded to sell “resurrection seeds” for $1144 - a price she claims was personally set by God.

At: http://www.nova-magazine.net/trump-spiritual-advisor-paula-white-when-you-oppose-president-trump-you-are-fighting-against-the-hand-of-god-video/

Paula White and benefactor. Blasphemy may not be the best idea at the moment.

Land worth $51 million adds to list of undisclosed assets belonging to Argentina's Macri

Documents obtained from the Buenos Aires Province Revenue Agency (ARBA) have uncovered real estate owned by Argentine President Mauricio Macri worth over ten times the value of assets he had declared in his legally required financial disclosure statements.

The land, 32.5 hectares (80 acres) in the Buenos Aires suburb of Bella Vista, has a tax valuation of 122 million pesos ($7 million); but its current market value is estimated at 900 million to one billion pesos ($51-56 million).

Macri had denied ownership of the property in a 2012 Perfil story, claiming at the time that he had "sold the land years ago to the Eidico company, which was responsible for the commercialization of said neighborhood." The neighborhood, the Buenos Aires Village gated community, comprises 250 residential lots averaging 915 m² (9,850 ft²); one of the few remaining unbuilt lots is currently on the market for $220,000.

The property adds to a lengthy list of undisclosed assets belonging to the Argentine president, the first of which emerged during last year's Panama Papers scandal. The ICIJ investigation revealed over 50 offshore shell companies worth at least $55 million in which he was either sole proprietor or controlled through a partnership or trust (typically with family members or relatives).

His family conglomerate, Socma, was recently found to be in partnership with the disgraced Brazilian public contractor Odebrecht in the Blackwood Group, an Antigua & Barbuda-registered consulting firm operating from the same bank branch that Odebrecht used to funnel over $1.6 billion in bribes to officials and influential individuals in 12 countries.

None had been declared in his annual financial disclosure statement, as required by Argentine law of all elected officials and candidates to public office.

Money laundering and tax evasion charges against Macri and his relatives languished in Argentina's criminal courts for over a year, and were remanded on August 3 to a civil court. "I'm glad it's over," Macri declared at the time.

At: https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=auto&tl=en&js=y&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.pagina12.com.ar%2F57798-negro-el-diez&edit-text=

Report: Mueller focusing closely on Trump jr's intent in Russia meeting

Members of special counsel Robert Mueller's team are looking at President Trump's oldest son, Donald Trump Jr., to determine the intent behind his attendance at a June 2016 meeting at Trump Tower with a Russian lawyer, according to a report.

A source familiar with the investigation into potential ties between Trump campaign officials and Russians told BuzzFeed that federal prosecutors are working to figure out what information Trump Jr. was provided during the meeting.

Federal prosecutors are also examining Trump Jr.'s own comments about the June 2016 gathering.

Trump Jr. attended the meeting, along with the president's son-in-law Jared Kushner and then-Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, with Natalia Veselnitskaya, the Russian lawyer, after he was promised damaging information on Hillary Clinton.

At: http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/special-counsels-team-focusing-on-trump-jrs-intent-in-russia-probe-report/article/2631956

That should be an easy one:

Get daddy in the White House by hook or by crook, become real billionaires while doing so; rinse, repeat.

"Right, daddy?"

Pence compares Trump to Teddy Roosevelt

Vice President Mike Pence is a big fan of his boss, and on Thursday he found yet another way to praise President Donald Trump: Pence compared him to President Theodore Roosevelt.

Specifically, Pence said Trump has the “vision, energy, and can-do spirit” that Roosevelt had.

One way these two are not alike? Roosevelt is considered by some to be a “war hero” for his role in the Spanish-American War.

Trump, in contrast, had five military deferments during the Vietnam War ― but he still has strong opinions on those who have served. Trump is also happy to take credit for the Panama Canal, begun during Roosevelt’s 1901-09 presidency.

At: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/pence-trump-has-energy-can-do-spirit-reminiscent-of-teddy-roosevelt_us_5996f657e4b0a2608a6bd957

Teddy Roosevelt: "Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care."
Cheeto: "I'm, like, a really smart person. I know more than the generals - believe me!"

Robert Mueller makes move that suggests he's going after Mike Pence also

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is closing in on Trump from so many angles it’s hard to keep track.It’s only a matter of time before Trump is removed from office.

The only question is whether or not Mike Pence will go down with him and from the looks of it, he will.

Michael Flynn was the beginning of the end for the current administration. The New York Times is reporting that Robert Mueller is now asking for the White House to turn over documents pertaining to Flynn’s employment as a foreign agent and with the Trump campaign.

Mueller is supposedly investigating whether Flynn was getting kickbacks from his time on the Trump campaign, which would be classified as fraud.

Why is this significant for Mike Pence?

Flynn has already admitted to the Trump team that he was a paid foreign agent, but he was still hired for the National Security Adviser position. Mike Pence knew Michael Flynn was a criminal, but claimed his innocence anyways.

Mueller’s investigation into these kickbacks brings up the question, did Pence know about those too? If Pence knew about these crimes then he committed obstruction of justice.

At: http://www.bluedotdaily.com/makes-move-that-suggests-hes-going-after-mike-pence-also/

Pence wanted a fetus funeral? How about his gestating presidential ambitions.

Holocaust survivor Erika Gold responds to President Trump's Nazi comments

You're her president too, Cheeto.

Facing defeat in key district, Argentina's Macri suspends vote count

Argentine President Mauricio Macri is coming under fire after the vote count for the country's largest district, Buenos Aires Province, was drastically slowed and later suspended once results showed that his leading opponent, former President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, was headed for a narrow victory in Sunday's senate primaries.

The vote count, conducted by the Argentine Postal Service, proceeded normally until 2 a.m., when 80% of the assigned tabulators were ordered to stop working; the order was reportedly given by President Macri himself.

"They froze the still partial result for four or five hours for show, so they could claim victory on television when they actually lost in 14 Argentine provinces (out of 23). They hijacked the votes of 300,000 Buenos Aires residents," former House Speaker Leopoldo Moreau, an ally of Mrs. Kirchner, said.

Over 1,500 precincts remain to be counted in Buenos Aires Province - two-thirds of these in areas where Kirchner's center-left Citizen's Unity was ahead by double digits. Citizen's Unity had received 34.11% when the count was stopped this morning, with Macri's right-wing Let's Change coalition (led by his Education Minister, Esteban Bullrich) at 34.19%.

Sunday's elections were primaries ahead of the final round in October. Turnout was high at 74%.

As the tops of their respective tickets, Kirchner and Bullrich are all but guaranteed a senate seat themselves, given that in Argentina the runner-up in each province receives one of three seats for that province.

A victory in Buenos Aires Province, home to 17 million out of Argentina's 44 million people, would boost Kirchner's chances of returning as president in 2019, however, and be seen as a rebuke of Macri's right-wing policies, which have led to a 7-fold hike in utility rates and a decline in real wages.

Buenos Aires Province, especially the largely working class Greater Buenos Aires area, has been particularly affected.

At: https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=es&tl=en&js=y&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.pagina12.com.ar%2F56530-secuestraron-los-votos-de-300-000-bonaerenses&edit-text=

So many votes; so little to do. Argentine tabulators were ordered to stop counting around 2 a.m. once results showed the ruling party would be overtaken.

Argentines vote in legislative primaries, with key battleground too close to call

Amid high turnout, Argentines voted on Sunday in a closely watched mid-term primary election.

The primary vote essentially serves as a detailed poll ahead of the October 22 mid-term election for one third of the Senate and half the lower house of Congress, as no major candidates are being challenged from within their own parties.

“It has been a very quiet and peaceful day, with important voter participation; around 74% of the electorate voted,” Interior Minister Rogelio Frigerio said.

Particular attention will be given to the results from Buenos Aires Province, with 37% of the nation's 33 million voters.

Former President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner (for Citizens' Unity, representing center-left Peronists), Education Minister Esteban Bullrich (for Macri's right-wing 'Let's Change' coalition), and Congressman Sergio Massa (for 1Nation, representing anti-Kirchner Peronists), are competing for Senate seats for Buenos Aires Province.

Exit polling shows the race in Buenos Aires Province narrowing considerably, with Fernández de Kirchner and her electoral partner, former Foreign Minister Jorge Taiana, vying for the two senate seats for the majority against Bullrich and controversial ACUMAR environmental agency head Gladys González.

The runner-up would be awarded the third, minority seat.

The nationwide Senate electoral map favors Macri's Let's Change, as it's contesting just 3 of its 17 senators; the pro-Kirchner Front for Victory (FpV) is contesting 20 of its 43 senators.

Let's Change candidates are leading in 10 of 24 districts, including historically conservative ones such as the city of Buenos Aires and the provinces of Córdoba and Mendoza. Former Defense Minister Agustín Rossi, a close ally of Mrs. Kirchner, led an upset victory for his party list in the Santa Fe Province house races.

Citizens' Unity is a new political alliance which Fernández de Kirchner, 64, announced on June 14. The FpV-led alliance seeks to form a broad congressional coalition to check President Mauricio Macri's right-wing administration, which has often bypassed Congress.

Under Macri, regulations and economic subsidies were lifted, effectively shifting the tax burden to the majority and undoing many of the progressive gains made from 2003 to 2015 under the presidencies of Fernández de Kirchner and her late husband and predecessor, Néstor Kirchner.

Unemployment has risen from 5.9% in 2015 to 9.2%, with real wages down nearly 10%, utility rates up by over 500%, budget deficits doubled, and the foreign debt up by over $60 billion.

At: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-08-13/argentina-primaries-pit-macri-reforms-against-fernandez-comeback

Candidates for the key Buenos Aires Senate race:
·former President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner (center-left 'Citizens' Unity');
·Education Minister Esteban Bullrich (right-wing, pro-Macri 'Let's Change');
·Congressman Sergio Massa (centrist '1Nation');
·former Transport Minister Florencio Randazzo (center-left 'Fulfill' - disaffected Kirchnerists).
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