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Member since: Fri May 26, 2017, 08:21 AM
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America on the brink of historic tragedy.

The corona virus infections and death
Is growing at an exponential rate.
Trump approval rate Is rising higher
Despite his clear responsibility in
Denying early on the dangers of the virus
And wasting time mobilizing response
calling it fake news and election
Ploy. Trump still falls short of the
Minimum requirement of the leadership
quality to overcome this crises.
His continues spin and lies to protect
His reelection chances will cost America,
it's citizens and it's economy a devastating price.
The Republican Party and Fox News agenda
Are equally guilty of providing a smoke screen covering his lies and paving the road of this tragedy to it shocking conclusion.
God save the American people.

Trump should be held to account .

If he insist on opening the country
For business instead of protecting
The sacred life of Every man, woman
And child.
The economy is not more important
Than life. America is not more important
Than Americans.
So the House of Representatives
Should pass a resolution
To hold Trump accountable
For any loss of life once he changes
The restrictions deemed necessary
To protect American life.
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