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Member since: Fri May 26, 2017, 08:21 AM
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Mr he alone can fix it spend hundreds

Of millions of dollars on a wall that
Is totally ineffective against corona.
Maybe a real measure of advancement
And greatness is not by walls, missiles and tanks that can't fight a tiny unseen being.
One that can wipe humans of the face of the earth. Are we misguided or what.?!!

A sure way to cure corona .

According to the man who alone can fix it.
1- take sunlight.
2- take disinfectant .
3- put ur head between ur legs.
4- kiss ur ass goodbye.

Smart recipe by smart president.

Trump and love thy self all the way to hell.

If any one still have any doubt as to
The main reason why trump is so eager
To open up the economy be it early or not.
You see trump business is hurting.
So the trump business asked the trump
Administration to reduce the rent
On the trump hotel rented from the government.
Conflict of interest as clear as day.
So he does not mind several thousands
American death as long as he does not
Lose money.
We need laws to prevent such conflict
From ever happening again by making it
Mandatory to sell your business if
U want to serve as president as well as
Show ur tax returns for the prior 10 years.

Indiana republican congressman

Trey Hollingsworth said today and I quote"
Letting more Americans die
From Corona virus is the lesser of two evils"
I am welling to agree with his unethical
Opinion if he start with himself.
This world will be a lot better
Without him. So trey asshole
I will be cheering for you if you jump
Off the Golden Gate Bridge as you demonstrate you lesser
Of two evils policy.
Shame on you.
Is it amazing how trump bring
The best in us . Shame shame.

Trump is at it again.

Trump is itching to open the economy
For business as usual.
He knows that his chances of winning
In November is reduced every passing
day the stock market and the economy
remain down.
He claims that his decision of going to business as usual mode is the biggest
Decision of his presidency.
He said that he will listen to the
Corona task force. But the decision is his
to make based on the matrix in his brain !!!
Well that is so comforting to all
Americans. We should all sleep better
At night knowing that the one who alone can fix it, that the one who knows more than the generals. That his smart personal decision not to wear a protective mask or gloves.
That the one who crafted the statement that we should not seek cures that are worse Than the disease . A statement that
Will stand as one of the most stupid
, ignorant ever. Simply because the closure
Of the economy is not a cure to the virus(that is a different matter)
rather it is to preventing those who are not infected from being infected and worsening the situation and prolonging
The economic recovery.
It is clear to me that he favor the lose
Of American life over the the lose
Of profits .
We should make it abundantly clear
That if he over ride the recommendation
Of the experts on the task force he should be held accountable for every American
Death that may occur following his
The Republican Party and Fox News
Should be held as partners in crime.

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