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Member since: Wed Jun 7, 2017, 09:20 AM
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Who Authorized the DC "Stop the Steal" Jan 5-6 Rallies?

Have the MAGA crowd lost their DC rally rights?

I’m not hearing anyone asking about WHO at the National Parks Service allowed militant, angry mobs to gather anywhere near the US Capitol on the day of the Election Certification.

Did I miss a Senator or journalist asking or offering this information?


He's Back Thanks to NHS. Fox Failing News Execs Nervous

#FoxNews Fox execs fear a shake-up as #RupertMurdoch returns to the US thanks to vaccine courtesy of NHS

Sources said he was waiting for the second dose before heading back across the pond, where rumors are circling that positions of some top executives are on the line after ratings have slumped in recent months.



Military Extremists: Concise Modern history 1990-Now

First, a little relevant personal history:

I will share a 1994 odd experience. I moved to a western right wing awesome skiing state after a freeze on lending tanked my businesses in New England.

A friend gave me a name of a friend who I contacted and met. Imagine my surprise when the friend invited me to a John Birch Society meeting. No joke. True story 1994!

It was then that this naive McGovern Democrat realized that extremism was alive and well.

A couple of years later I was invited to a “special meeting” by a former US Army Green Beret co-worker to something militia.

Admittedly out of citizen journalist curiosity, I attended. In 1996 in this red western almost 100% Caucasian society was a racist, intolerant, fear frenzied movement organizing more than one militia group.

No contact thereafter. I never wanted to experience the toxicity that filled that room.

Fast forward 2020. That same toxicity now permeates the air waves. Domestic terrorist sympathizers hold office in the US Congress!

When Democrats gain control, these already fearful, well-armed right wing militias are manipulated into a fearful blood-lust frenzy.

This article offers a concise, well-linked history of the rise of white, right wing, white supremacy militias morphing into serial terrorists.

From the article:

“According to a 2006 Southern Poverty Law Center report, by the 1990s far-right extremist leaders were pushing younger members of their groups to join the military in order to develop skills with weapons and explosives — skills the service member would then use to train their fellow extremists, as well as commit attacks. The Department of Defense has long maintained that it has zero tolerance for white supremacy or anti-government extremists in its ranks, but history suggests many white supremacists have joined nonetheless.”

Psaki Press Briefings, even today's, on YouTube: Instructions.


For those without Twitter


Instructions for watching Daily #PressBriefings when convenient for you on YouTube 👏👏

1. Go to YouTube, search for WhiteHouse channel

2. Click on Playlists

3. Click on Press Briefings

Jen Psaki is the best ever! A real Pro. She teaches & reports with Grace & Charm

For all Briefings from all departments just click on Videos instead of Playlist. These include Covid19 Briefings.

I was so relieved to find this instead of frantically trying to find it on TV. Today’s briefing will be posted by the end of today

At the very bottom of whitehouse.gov website there is a tiny arrow which is a subtle link to YouTube.

I wrote to them via the website, asking for “You can find us on YouTube” at the top of their site like Facebook & Twitter. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Maybe they will

No, Reconciliation Will NOT Cut Medicaid or Medicare

Example of a bot with 4 followers


So let’s ignore the horses ass, and go to the truth.

Remember that awesome government department “The Center on Budget & Priorities” that teaches us about budget issues?

It’s back! Thank you President Biden!

All you need to know about Reconciliation & The Budget can be found in this paper.

Did you really think Sanders, Pelosi, Schumer, Harris or President Biden would undercut Medicaid during a freaking pandemic? If so, I have this piece of land for sale.......🤷🏻‍♀️

May I suggest logic & research before adding to a right wing assault. Chris Cuomo isn’t a reliable source. Listen to Cable news with an ear of discernment. Always research your questions.

I found this on my first search effort using two words:

Reconciliation Medicaid

Enjoy learning how Reconciliation works.

Introduction to Budget “Reconciliation”

JANUARY 21, 2021

With majorities in the House and Senate, Democratic leaders may well use a special legislative process called “reconciliation” to quickly advance high-priority fiscal legislation. Created by the Congressional Budget Act of 1974,


Meet UK's Vaccine volunteers: 'It's felt good to fight back against Covid'

Here’s a heart warming story. Sleep well

Ordinary people trained by UK’s National Health Services to give vaccinations.

Team UK

We need Team USA

There are not enough trained to give 700,000 shots quickly!

Volunteers trained to vaccinate is a good plan.

I’ve given myself shots. It’s not rocket science.

The Phrase "Herd Immunity" Lacks Human Dignity & Might Be Dangerous

We are human beings not cattle!

And I doubt it’s even applicable.

The common cold is a Corona Virus.

Words do matter. There hasn’t been any herd immunity for the common cold. There’s no herd immunity for the flu (not a corona virus)

Healthy lifestyles, stress reduction & hygiene help avoid the common cold.

And imo referring to the world’s population as a herd is depersonalizing the mammoth amount of literal pain, suffering and mourning being experienced globally.

I wish all the media presenters could find a more humane phrase.

Perhaps even mention that the presence of Covid19, in some countries, will likely remain due to the fact that its has proven impossible to get too large a percentage of human beings to comply with health guidelines.

It is even possible that the non-maskers think they are helping the world achieve “herd immunity” by spreading the disease more quickly because it’s presented as a good thing.

What is true about THIS NOVEL Corona virus is that it seems to have a trick up its sleeve as part of its DNA.


That is, in dense populations with uncontrolled spread, it cleverly mutates so that it can infect humans more easily. The UK is already hinting the UK variant is slightly more deadly

Soon to be revealed COVID19 revelations might be even darker once the 3 new variants (UK, SAfrica & Brazil) meet up and spawn newer variants that could not only become more easily transmitted BUT MORE DEADLY as well.

I suspect the phrase “herd immunity” is comforting to young people & non-compliers.

It hints that all will be rosy someday if enough people catch Covid19.

Any thought that we are in uncharted scientific waters is overlooked because we heard all will be well when the herd reaches a percent of infection.

Poor conclusions are not unheard of!


900,000 New Unemployment Claims Yesterday? 20% of Low Income Unemployed

That’s terrifying for the recently unemployed and for the entire economy.

Would large corporations behave in ways to make matters worse to tank President Biden’s agenda to avoid fair taxation?

Or are we naturally facing a 2nd Great Depression because of Covid19?

Unemployment for the bottom quartile of workers is probably above 20%, Federal Reserve Governor Lael Brainard said Wednesday.

The level highlights the need for accommodative policy, and she said “it is too early to say” how long the Fed’s measures will stay in place.

Joe is right to say we are At War.

What can we do to help.

I’m 73 so I’m limited to fighting on Twitter & volunteered at WhiteHouse.gov.

I think we should be GOTV now for 2022.

Latest Covid Plan Summary

The following easy to understand summary is this former technical instructional manual writers brainstorm to Stop The Spread of Covid19, keep up with the mutations & prevent future viral pandemics.

That said, I studied this Atlantic Magazine article in depth last night as well as speed reading some research papers about how the various variant virus amino proteins work.

Atlantic Article

The following are some conclusions & The Plan to conquer Covid19.


In a nutshell, the original Covid19 virus seems to have included a conferred ability to quickly mutate to increase its ability to be more easily transmitted. This conclusion is based on identical mutations found in all 3 variants.

Sadly, this mutant ability might not have happened if densely populated countries: US UK Brazil & South Africa hadn’t let the original virus run free instead of following guidelines like countries with low case numbers followed.

In other words, if all countries had locked down and some densely countries not go for herd immunity, these variants may not have happened. And certainly the number of deaths reduced. Hindsight.

Again, the UK Brazil & South Africa Covid19 variants all have some of the exact same mutations.

That is why science suspects that the specific mutations in common were built into the original Covid19 virus: a conferred ability.

And this is concerning scientists.

Of greatest concern is the possibility of a mutation evolving that might not be stopped by existing vaccination induced antibodies.

So bottom line This Covid19 War requires a very strong response.


1. Stop the spread. Following a National information campaign and agreed compliance by all Governors & Mayors the Country should go into 100% lockdown to minimize new mutations & spread.

2. All schools closed immediately until a CDC testing guideline is completed before reopening. Once opened, all compliance finances and in place. Weekly random testing to determine outbreaks.

3. Every town needs isolation facilities for infected adults so entire families aren’t infected.

4. Manufacture & Get N95 masks to all people.

5. Manufacture & distribute Face shields for all.


6. Have labs working on vaccination update trials to combat the higher transmission mutations

7. While on lock down, hire crews to invent/adapt/retrofit schools & work places, transportation vehicles Etc to be safer while keeping the mask mandate in place and punishable for non-compliance.

8. Mandatory vaccinations. If kids not vaccinated for Covid19, they can home school only. Parents can retain their freedom to not vaccinate, but not the right mingle with & to infect other students.

9. Have existing vaccination developers begin working on booster shot efficacy.

10. Mandate states to provide CDC with honest records on a daily basis. It is imperative that the US create & maintain an accurate reporting data base to include all reactions to each of the different vaccinations and to catch and isolate a dangerous mutation.

11. Increase production & distribution of all needed equipment for PPE, testing, and vaccinations. Leave manufacturing ability in place for future pandemics. If we’ve learned nothing, the need for lightening fast responses to new viruses is critical to economic stability.

12. Create a nationally operated public health distribution capability. Perhaps a health care personnel force developed along the lines of the National Guard. Actually, perhaps adding a health care National force division of the National Guard.

If the National Guard could have a non-combat Pandemic Force medical professional health care division that could be called into action we might be able to stop the spread of new pandemics. As a young person, I would have signed up for a National Guard Pandemic Medical Corp division in a grey beat!

Off the top of my head.

Apologies for any typos(writing on the smallest iPhone ever made) & possible hubris.

Help President Biden enroll cooperation. Contact your local Mayors Representatives Senators friends neighbors....well everyone

Dare to be outspoken!

The 1/6 Insurrection $2.7 Million Shell Game

There is a 2.7 Million $$ trail funding the Insurrection Riot Rally. And yes, it appears the name Trump is included as a source. Zoom in to view graph details.

More details of who did what & how
much they were paid & the names of Trump associates on the Rally Permit in the article linked below.

Shell companies and ‘dark money’ may hide details of Trump ties to DC protests
By Anna Massoglia
January 22, 2021 8:50 am


Always been an OpenSecrets.org fan
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