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Member since: Wed Jun 21, 2017, 10:05 PM
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Some say too liberal, and some say not liberal enough

This is the conundrum.

Let's use Rep. Nancy Pelosi as an example.

Some Democrats, i.e. Tim Ryan, says she is too liberal and is toxic.

Other Democrats, i.e. Steven Jaffe wants to primary her, because she is not liberal enough.

And then other Democrats, i.e. the majority, are scared shitless over the people trying to normalize trump and his bigotry, and are wondering why some of us are eating our own to the point that trump may make even greater gains.

Ryan wants to reach out to unreachable bigots.

Jaffe, wants to pretend that the bigots don't exist.

The rest of us, and the majority of us, want both Ryan and Jaffe to knock it off.

I'm damn tired of people who claim to be the left

trying to hijack the Democratic platform.

I'm damn tired of people who are trying to redefine liberals, and the Democratic Party.

If you are not for Civil Rights, Equal Rights, and Social Justice, you are not a liberal.

If you consider civil rights as "Identity politics", you are not a liberal.

If you are complaining about "identity politics" in any way, shape or form, you are not a liberal.

And if you adhere to any of the above, you are not the base, you are not the party, you are not our voice, and you will not dictate our future.

Independence, Freedom, sock it to me


It's going to take all of us to stop this.

This is not the time for division.

Feeling Hot Hot Hot

Sheesh, it's so freaking muggy out.

Hello, lounge.
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