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Doc Sportello

Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: Oklahoma
Home country: United States
Current location: Northern Arizona
Member since: Fri Jul 7, 2017, 03:31 PM
Number of posts: 5,268

Journal Archives

Paul Ryan "soul searching" whether to retire. That shouldn't take long

A very shallow pool to search in.


Heather Heyer's mother has to hide her grave

Just one part of what her family is dealing with from hate groups (you know the ones dump says have good people too):

Ana explodes on CNN

at dump apologist Ed Martin. Don't mess with this lady.

The last time I cried over an election was Nov. 4, 2008

I cried again tonight. I truly believe this is the start of getting our country back. The reddest state of all showed tonight that not all of our country is as screwed up as our POtuS and Moore and their apologists and enablers.

GoFundMe success for woman who flipped off drumpf

A man has raised $73,000 toward a $100K goal:


Wow. A politician as repugnant as trump

Congratulations Roy Moore! You have reached a standard of sleaziness and cynicism that can only be measured against the heights of vileness reached by the slimeball in the White House. The attacks on your accusers and maintaining complete denial when the right thing (the Christian thing according to your own stated beliefs) would be to admit your mistakes, apologize and step away. But, like trump, you are more than willing, even eager, to denigrate the office you aspire to and rot our democracy - all the while using religion and bigotry to get you out of this self-created disaster.

You sir, along with your idol, are the two biggest pieces of shit ever to walk on our political landscape. So a big congratulations to you. And while we're at it, a big pat on the back to those republican leaders who have had the courage to come out against a pedophile. I can just imagine how proud Lincoln, Lodge and Eisenhower would be of you and their party if they could see what has happened to it.

Question for Maine DUers

Is there any chance Collins could become an independent and vote to caucus with the Dems in 2019?

Insurance industry job losses from single payer not as large as you would expect

Plus Conyers' bill has a provision to help them transition. The overall numbers on how many workers lose or change jobs every year surprised me: 42 percent.
From the article: "Although it is hard to come up with a precise estimate, the likely number of jobs made redundant by the switch is a few hundred thousand over the course of a few years, in a country where 1.6 million people are dismissed from their jobs every single month."


Mussolini from the balcony

Turned on the tv this morning to see our national embarrassment embarrassing our nation once again and immediately turned the channel. I'll leave it to others to watch and comment but I can't help but think - as I do almost daily - that the world must be thinking WTF America, what have you done to us. I could only tell them "I ask my fellow Americans who voted for him the same question on a daily basis."

Even with a script his hand gestures and psychosis sends us back to 1930s Italy.

Katy Tur

On Rachel. At first it made me so angry I couldn't see straight with the campaign clips from this miserable POS we have as president attacking Katy Tur over and over and over again (why do we have to see so many clips of the shitgibbon bully doing this?). Then she came on with Rachel and showed so much class and courage in the face of drumpf and his awful supporters by overlooking the treatment and continued to do her job. That's what she told Rachel: "Journalists here and in Russia have to continue to do their job."

Just an impressive person and journalist.
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