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Cuthbert Allgood

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Member since: Wed Jul 19, 2017, 11:36 AM
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Cut the cord a couple months ago. Any hints about watching NFL games?

Glad we cut the cord. We are currently using Playstation Vue and like it (Amazon Fire Sticks are awesome). We are doing a month of HBO (free for the 3rd year in a row) now to watch Game of Thrones. Even if we decide to do a month for $15 somewhere along the line, it is still so much cheaper than what we were paying for DirectTV.

Anyway, the only thing I don't think I can get is NFL games. I would like to see them live. I live in the Packer region but am a life-long Vikings fan, so live TV would be good (don't have the antennae to do that right now) but someplace that streams other games would be better. Worst case scenario I go to a bar. I wish the NFL would get their shit together and let us buy all of a team's games for a season. Hell, I'd pay $70 for that. Maybe more.
Posted by Cuthbert Allgood | Wed Aug 16, 2017, 04:01 PM (12 replies)
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