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Profile Information

Name: Sabrine
Gender: Female
Home country: Belgium
Member since: Mon Jul 24, 2017, 02:45 AM
Number of posts: 5,101

Journal Archives

Jon Cooper created the hashtag #ObamaOutdidTrump - Awesome !!!👍

It's already trending. Many tweets are hilarious !


Not very risky... As a matter of fact, it is a risk-free bid! 🤡

In Trump's world, even French President is "Fake"!!!😂😂😂😂


More cartoons from Europe - Just another day in Trump's world...

Trump's G7 : Greenland

I want it all, I want it now

Trump's world

Don Quixote

The passion of Trump

Explosive actions

America First!

Is the end at hand?

Presidential hat

Well-understood democracy

MLK from heaven

Sphere of influence

Love actually

Tetris, Trump edition

Triumph of Darkness

The art of screwing up

The world according to Trump


Not exactly a love story...

Twittler & Twitter

Stop him before it is too late

Inside Trump

Trump's Alpahabet


I hereby declare that Trump has gone far beyond any hopes...

Day by day it's getting worse. Surreal!!!!


What the hell is Trump talking about??

On which basis would he declare such an emergency facing an unusual threat?

America is harmed by his own nonsense, not by any other country!


Which would be best to define Trump? Disastrous calamity or calamitous disaster?

As far as I am concerned, neither comes any close to a suitable one. He is beyond all possible descriptions, whichever words or language !


Cartoons from Europe and elsewhere - Did you miss them?

G7 for sane leaders - G8 for Putin's Puppet

What could be Trump's next wish?

Trump's Brazilian alter ego

He has a dream...

Ombudsman's tools to solve Kashmir's issue

Not selling? No visiting!

Sticking to himself, whoever is the Queen

Other days, other ways

Big 70's Hair

Trump diplomacy: a remarkable skill to screw up

Alternative option



Trump in shopping days


Let's negotiate

Republican legacy


Make Greenland great again

Deal with it !!

Not my fault!

Putinization of the West

Master Fakes News Art for Dummies - Daddy Putin's Kremlin Team

Putin distorted the French president's words and made a fake new in an attempt for revenge after Macron humiliated him and not be bullied.

All he got is a fresh piece of shame as he was forced into changing the press conference report.

I love Macron, can't tell how glad I'm to us having him to refrain Putin and his minions

Doctored statement :

Real statement :

I'm the chosen one! Hmm... the answer seems to contradict 😊😇

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